Greetings from a quilt house!

Hello friends,

Greetings from a quilt house! How can you tell a quilter lives here? Because obviously I don’t always have quilts hung out in the front yard…( but I did on the day I took this picture to celebrate National Quilt Day!).


Here is how you can tell:








p.s. Don’t be fooled by the “tidy” photos! I had to move quite a bit of junk around so that I could take these πŸ˜‰

And now I’m off to create some more quilts!

Until next time~ stay safe and happy creating!


p.p.s I love it when you leave comments and always respond to them! xx

38 thoughts on “Greetings from a quilt house!

  1. Do you sew a sleeve to the back of your quilts just in case you want to hang it at some point? Or always use the clips and curtain rod?

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  2. How beautiful Monique! I think quilts make a home so inviting. It would be fun to see how others display their quilts in their home too. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. Your home is beautiful…such warm inviting colors. I do have the same little bench (yours is aqua), however mine is wood tone with an antique white top. Maybe if I’m lucky someday I can learn to decorate as you do. Enjoy your weekend!

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  4. Beautiful quilts and beautiful home. The mini quilts add such a nice touch, I can tell you love the log cabin design and I’m now inspired to make some of the mini quilts in that. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Guess I live in a quilt house myself, have at least 1 quilt in every room except the bathrooms. At one time years ago, I turned a quilt top into a shower curtain, might even need to do that again. I even have metal quilt squares on the Dutch Barn. Life is good and I’m proud to call myself a quilter. Love your photos, your home looks lovely, I think quilts help make a home.

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  6. Your home is very inviting and your quilts are gorgeous. I had to chuckle when you mentioned having to move stuff out of the way to take the pictures. My house is the same way. And now that I’m doing counted cross stitch and embroidery in addition to quilting, I’ve got those projects laying all over the house too. I think I need a “company living room” and a real living room. That way I could close the door between the two rooms and never have to worry about anyone seeing my mess. He He πŸ™‚

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