What’s up and what’s new this week

Hello friends,

This is what has been keeping me busy this past week….well, other than cooking, cleaning, gardening, weeding, walking the dogs, and grocery shopping ;).



I finished the binding on this little quilt! The tutorial for the block came from Sunny Day Supply Company ( I shared the link a few weeks ago if you want to go find it). I love how the blocks use so many scraps and this was so much fun to work on. I even hand quilted it using a BIG stitch ( in green!) and loved every minute of working on it. Now I wish I had made it bigger, but at least it’s done and now I am moving onto other things ;).



Sunny Day Supply shared another tutorial, this one for the Norah quilt. Go look for the hashtag #Norahquilt on Instagram and you are going to discover all kinds of amazing variations! I just had to start my own version….couldn’t help myself…these kinds of quilts inspire and awe me, much more so than perfectly matched points.

Here is the original from Sunny Day Supply: From Sunny Day Supply Co

And here is the start of mine. I decided to start with a pretty print in the center:




Then I took out my trusty scrap boxes ( those get SO much use!) and started cutting strips. The cool thing about this quilt is that it is really a GIANT Log Cabin block, but there is not light and dark side, just 4 quadrants of different colors. I chose to do mine in pink, green, blue, and red. My strips are 2.5 inches wide because I have a lot of strips in that size left over from other projects, PLUS I have lots of jelly rolls if I need to break out some more colors. People were mentioning that working on this quilt is addicting and I can totally see that! My quilt is not very far along yet, but it has been super fun to work on!




This quilt is totally going to get wonky so if you care that your edges are perfectly square and your strips are perfect, run the other way. Personally I love this kind of quilt because it is super interesting. Anyway, I will share more pics of my progress as I go along ;).

And finally, I have been hosting a little sew-along in my FB group.ย 

Every Friday I am posting some short videos with instructions on how to make a Churn Dash quilt with applique on the borders.ย  This has been such a fun project to work on too. I love the combination of pink and green, don’t you? It is just so fresh and Spring-like! This project will be wrapping up in just a few weeks and then I will post some instructions here on my blog too, if there is enough interest. 20200510_162538

As promised, a super quick post this week!

Until next time~stay safe and happy creating!


p.s. Leaving your comments is much appreciated and I do try and respond to each and every one of themย  xx

15 thoughts on “What’s up and what’s new this week

  1. I really like the quilt with the four colour sides. I have just made a giant courtyard step quilt with one giant block using two sides red and two sides aqua. I then made cushions with the leftovers using giant log cabin blocks, one in the reds and one is the aqua leftovers. They look great together. I am now planning another quilt having seen this great idea. x

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  2. I’m working on a Norah quilt, too. It is so fun to make. Mine is 41 inches square tonight. The plan is to add 6 or seven more rounds which will take me a couple of weeks at my current pace. I try to get a round a day, but I’ve got three young kiddos keeping me on my toes and it doesn’t always happen:) Your Norah is off to a great start. I will look forward to seeing more of it and the churn dash project. A pleasure, as always, to read your blog.

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    1. Hi Hannah, I remember those days when our kids were little and I would try and sneak in a little quilting here and there…not easy for sure <3. Good luck with your Norah quilt and I hope you will share a pic with me ( email me if you like)!


  3. your churn dash quilt is adorable! i have been working on a queen size quilt for my granddaughter’s new bed and it is about three weeks from being finished. She helped me pick the colors, cut and count the pieces last June. So for me to finish a quilt in a year is pretty good. I still work full time, telecommuting now, but will retire at the end of August!

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