The Peter Rabbit garden

Hello friend,

So glad you popped on over for a visit today ;). This past week has been busy with everything and nothing….do you have weeks like that? I don’t feel like I got much done, but I don’t remember sitting and taking it easy either….

The weather has been nicer, although still not super warm for near the end of May. We did venture out to an Amish nursery last weekend and I had a heavenly time picking out all kinds of flowers and veggies! I really should have taken a photo of the trunk full of goodies, but I didn’t. I did however get some great pics of the surroundings!


I think this last photo should be a puzzle, don’t you agree?

Anyway, daughter helped me plant a lot of pots last weekend and, even though it’s mostly greens and not much flowers for now, they should all look beautiful pretty soon! 20200518_143030

I also got my vegetable beds ready for planting and got the tomato plants in.


I have a lot of veggies to plant and have asked hubby for some additional raised beds. You may remember that this garden~ dubbed the Peter Rabbit Garden by me~ is just 2 years old this summer so it’s still a work in progress, but I am proud to be doing it all by myself ( well, other than the building of the wood surrounds  for the raised beds). I’m also trying to use only found or free stuff in there, so all those rocks and edging stones came from somewhere else. It is a lot of work but I have a vision in my head and that is what I’m working towards…( on a side note: I read a very funny blurb somewhere that said husbands really don’t like it when their wives say:” I was thinking….” because it almost always means the husbands are going to end up doing some kind of work..hahahaha)


Speaking of visions, I believe it was even before we closed on this house that I had a vision in my brain of what I wanted our sun porch to look like. Here is the before:

( p.s. the way that the above picture was taken with a special lense makes the room look much deeper than it actually is)

Here is what it looks like today:


We painted it in 2 colors that make it feel so warm and cozy, and created a seating area and an eating area, as well as adding those cute little garden lights. It really is an additional room.

I am going to close with this pic….looks like a tornado swept through, doesn’t it?

It didn’t. But we do have a mama bunny nesting in that wood pile and our dogs like to go and “visit”. So we are trying to block them by barricading with lawn furniture. This has only been semi-successful and we sincerely hope that mama moves her babies into the Peter Rabbit garden instead, where they will be much less bothered by these two nut cases!

I do hope you are staying busy and enjoying some relaxing crafting time!

Until next time~ Stay safe, and happy creating!


29 thoughts on “The Peter Rabbit garden

  1. You got so much done, it all looks so inviting. My yard is still a hot mess after tornado last July, we just had the 38 tree stumps ground but now have the mess to clear and haul away. I have great visions for sunny gardens now but I’m sure it will be a while to make that happen. I’m really looking forward to it. Keep creating.


  2. Enjoyed all your pictures. The country side looks so peaceful and beautiful with all the spring colors. Your Peter Rabbit garden is coming along nicely and I sincerely love your sun room. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

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  3. Yes I think that photo could be a puzzle – that was lovely with the horses! It didn’t look bad before but I liked your after of the sunporch very lovely! Those are really nice garden beds you have for your vegetable garden I have to have something like that someday 🙂

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  4. Hi Monique,
    The pictures of Amish Country are beautiful. My Grandpa used to farm with a team of horses in the 30’s & 40’s, he was a lover of horses. They’re never was a horse he couldn’t get to come to him. He had a way about him.
    I would have loved to have gone for a drive through the country with you.
    Your place is really looking nice. You’re right…in a few weeks all your flowers will be so pretty. I just got back from buying flowers myself. They too, will look pretty in a few weeks. I love your Peter rabbit garden. I finally gave up my garden this year. My health just won’t let me do it anymore but I did kept one little row for tomato plants and two 6 foot towers for green beans and cukes. Plus we have a small orchard with honey berry bushes, cherry tree, raspberry bushes, black berry bushes and of course rhubarb. The rhubarb are from some plants my Mom had planted up at the farm when we were kids. Well as you can see your post really set me on a path down memory lane day. Thanks for the chance to daydream for a few minutes. Peace and joy!

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    1. Christine, your orchard sounds wonderful! And how special that you have rhubarb from your childhood farm! I am trying to get my rhubarb established. I do love my rhubarb :). I’m glad that my post reminded you of some happy childhood times. xx


  5. I always look forward to reading your blog each Saturday morning. The photos are beautiful and I’m jealous of all the space you have for your gardens. I love the color you painted the sunroom. It’s so relaxing. I’ve been enjoying my flowers and making a few small items, playing with the puppy and spoiling my cats. It’s already quite warm here with forecasts in the 100 -105 for next week. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

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  6. So enjoyed your blog today. I’m loving your flowering plants. The Begonia is absolutely lovely. The box is great, Well the whole area is great. I’d love to have an inner Iron fence to put around our fenced back yard. The dogs don’t need the whole yard, right? And the baby Rabbits need to be safe, however you can do it. We had two back under our Mimosa tree the first summer here and our little Jerry killed them both. I was so angry. Hubby and I, on the same day this spring, had the same idea–we would plant a garden. I was thinking more vegetables, and he was thinking Lettuce, and a few other things. I was thinking LOTS more. You should have seen my list once I went through it. ha! So two weeks ago we go to the Garden Center and I come home with 6 or so Tomato plants, 2 Pepper plants, 1 Parsley Plant, 1/4 lb of onion sets, 2 or 3 oz of green bush beans, You can’t believe how many beans are sprouting. I think I will let them grow into a nice sized plant and plant in a container for my next door neighbor, a couple for my dau in law and a couple for her mother. I need to go back and get some Honey Bee attracting plants for pollination. Will probably do that in a few days. Anyway I know your garden will do well, and hopefully some of ours will too. It has been a long time since we planted and worked a garden. Take care.

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    1. So exciting Lonna! I hope you will share some pics in the group~ I would love to see your garden grow! Yes, the little iron fence is a great way to keep the dogs away from my veggies, AND it gives the bunny a little place to sit undisturbed ( last year we had a groundhog too!). Good luck and have fun with your garden.


  7. Hi Monique

    The Peter Rabbit garden is looking really great. I love seeing garden beds set out like that-it looks so ready to produce, and also evokes the quintessential country garden look! So peaceful looking. You are doing a great job with the garden-it must be very satisfying to view your progress!

    Thanks for the pics of the countryside. That also looks so peaceful! I agree the last picture should be on a jigsaw puzzle.

    Keep safe & well

    Kerrie ________________________________

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  8. You take the best photos. Your vege garden looks great, mine is a work in progress, I started out well, but the possums or hares decided they liked my vegetable seedlings too, so all gone. Now have the bed covered and need more seedlings. Thanks for sharing xx.

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  9. Hahaha, NO Guida, I do the best EDITING of my photos ;). Yes, I am hoping that the marmot who lived next door last year will leave my blossoms alone this year! It is certainly impossible to get anything to grow when all their greenery gets eaten. I have resorted to putting chicken wire around my young bushes and trees, not only to protect them from the wildlife, but also from my overzealous hubby who likes to weed whack them to the ground and he has been banned from doing anything in my veggie and flower garden ;).


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