Norah, Love & Hugs, and more

Hello again,

Summer has arrived here in central PA. Crazy to think that just a few weeks ago we had snow, and this week I had to turn on the A/C!

I have been working on some fun projects this past week!

Firstly, my dear husband built me 2 more garden beds and I got all my flowers, veggies, and herbs planted. I always like to record what I plant ( and where) in my garden journal so I can decide whether plants do well in a  certain spot ( growing a garden in a yard filled with shade is not for sissies~not to mention the bunnies and groundhog and squirrels and chipmunks that seem to think it’s their personal buffet, but I like to think we can peacefully co-exist 😉 ).

I finished my latest embroidery by the Love & Hugs from Australia Facebook group: Time to move onto the next one! ( these are all free by the way, in case you want to make your own!)

I continue working on my Norah quilt ( free tute by Sunny day supply co). This is a GIANT Log Cabin block. I am not done yet ( having way too much fun just picking my colors and fabrics and busting through my scrap bucket!), but I just had to get out and take some pics of it in the sunroom and in the garden! I even had hubby hold it up in front of the shed and that gave me the brilliant idea that we could hang a clothesline at the front of it so I can take more photos of quilts in the future ( because who wouldn’t want to use that beautiful shed as a backdrop, right??)


And finally, I have finished the top of my  quilt for the sewalong  I am hosting in our private facebook group

I just love how it turned out! And I have decided to handquilt it with a BIG stitch using my favorite Sulky thread.

I find I am really loving the slow process of handstitching my projects…it’s a perfect time time to reflect and think.

Well, that is all for this week. Until next time, please stay safe, and

Happy Creating!


12 thoughts on “Norah, Love & Hugs, and more

  1. Monique, I’m new to your blog but I really enjoy it as I love embroidery and quilting both. I love the big log cabin you’re working on. I’m thinking baby quilt as I look at it. I will put a cute embroidery bock in the middle and can use pastels, fun kid prints, etc. to build my blocks. I have lots of scraps that will work as I have made pillowcases for a foster/abused kid’s camp for many years. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. I wish I had a green thumb for gardening like you do. Maybe if I kept a gardening journal of what worked and didn’t I might be more successful and grow to love it. Ireland and I decided to plant some small scattered gardens this year thought it would be a fun way to spend some of those long summer days now that school is over and we will be her primary daycare source.

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    1. I don’t know about that green thumb…not sure if I harvested anything much last year, but I like to think of gardening as a sport so keep trying ;). Sounds like you and Ireland have found a perfect activity to enjoy together ( as well as quilting, of course!)


  3. I love your “Norah” quilt! The fabrics are so cheerful & really compliment each other. I’m hoping to get my churn dash SAL quilt cut out this week. Your tutorials are very helpful!

    As always, I’m inspired by your blog…💙 the garden journal idea!

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