Pottering and pondering…


I took a little break from blogging and social media and spent time puttering around. Are you a putterer? I must admit that I love to putter. I get things done and I get to think about things. I have been puttering a lot in my Peter Rabbit garden~I think I really should make a sign and officially name it~ and it has been lovely. The weather has finally warmed up and the flowers, veggies, and bushes are loving it, as am I!

As you may recall, I am trying to build this garden with found or recycled items, and was excited to find someone in our neighborhood giving away a huge pile of edging stones! Many of those promptly got used to enlarge some flowerbeds and the rest I will save until I decide if I need them. I am really loving the way this garden is coming together! I really would like it to feel like an English Cottage garden and I feel I’m on the right path.

Hubby suggested a nice arbor at the gate might be nice and I totally agree :). I’m envisioning it covered in climbing roses, although our yard might just be a tad too shady to make that a reality. We did plant some climbing roses against the house and fence on the sunnier side so I can enjoy those at least.



When I wasn’t in the garden, I was relaxing on the sun porch, either with a book, or with my latest sew along quilt! It is coming along very nicely and should be done soon, at which point I will be sure to share some more pictures of the entire quilt.

I treated myself to some new~ Shhhhhhh~ quilt books. Both are by Australian designers and both include embroidery. I also couldn’t resist the latest issue of  Simply Vintage magazine.

I am looking forward to starting some new projects from these soon, but first I want to finish the quilting on the sew along quilt. Speaking of which, my sew along quilt  needs a name! Any suggestions out there? Here is a pic of the quilt top, in case you need it for inspiration ;).

Tell me your suggestions in the comments and maybe I will send a little something to the person whose title I end up picking!

As I mentioned earlier, when I putter, I ponder, and there has been a lot to ponder these past few weeks!  I have been so sad to see all the hate and violence, but most of all I have been appalled by the reaction of people on social media with regards to companies and individuals standing up against racism.  I cannot believe the comments I have been reading and am truly mad and sad that so many think this is a political issue. For the past few weeks I have been wondering if I should address this very thing, and have come to the conclusion that I also want and need to let people know where I stand. Skin color should not matter. Standing up against racism isn’t a political issue, it’s a HUMAN issue. You can stand up for black lives and be against looters and still believe in the police…these are not mutually exclusive.  If you disagree that is your choice. You can choose to unfollow my blog, my page, and my group, but I will not be bullied into staying quiet about this issue. That being said, this is a blog ” about my quilting life…mostly..” and I’m not planning on turning this into a political forum. Next time I blog it will most likely be about my latest quilting project, or my newest magazine because I want to choose to focus on things that bring joy and happiness. But this week this needed to be said.

Until next time (or not)~happy creating!


43 thoughts on “Pottering and pondering…

  1. Monique
    I loved your Peter Rabbit garden tour. Everything looks so pretty and neat. I like your idea of a Rose trellis but if you are looking for another idea, an autumn clematis is really pretty and fast growing with lots of little white flowers. Enjoy your slower pace. Yesterday while visiting my daughter in central Wisconsin we stumbled upon a park with a beautiful meadow filled with wildflowers. So I’m suggesting the name Meadow Walk for your latest creation. Enjoy your slower pace! Hugs, Candy

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    1. Thank you for the Clematis suggestion…I do like those a lot too and don’t have any in my garden. Your meadow filled with wildflowers sounds amazing and I hope you took a picture! I like your name suggestion, thank you.xx


  2. Good morning! I love your blog Monique – it always gives me such a warm feeling and it’s so fun to see all of the things you’re up to. I feel like I’ve had a little visit. I was wondering about “Puttering in the Garden” for a name for your quilt. It’s so lovely.
    These are troubled times we are going through right now for sure. But I can’t help feeling it’s going to bring everyone to a better place of less hate and more unity. We can hope. Like you say, we need to focus on what brings us joy.
    Take care, Joanne

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  3. Your garden is so lovely. I would love to watch it progress. This is a scary time in our country. I find for my own well being it’s best to not watch the news. It just leaves me sad. Keep creating.

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    1. I think My English Garden would be a fitting name.

      I agree, it’s so sad that our country has set itself in reverse motion. I love your blogs, sharing sewing ideas, and seeing your beautiful garden…bless you for being you.

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  4. You always write such an interesting and uplifting post. I love your little retreat/garden area and the idea of creating it out of found and recycled items. As for naming your quilt – how about “Crossroads”, considering the times we are going through right now. It’s time for paths to meet, people to unite and love one another.

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  5. As always, I enjoy sitting with my coffee and reading your blog on Saturday morning. I love your Peter Rabbit garden, it looks so inviting. I’d be sitting in that chair reading or doing some hand sewing. It’s really hot here in Arizona so we only get outside very early or late. I find being outside reduces my stress. Hang in there, hopefully, we will use this opportunity to make this a better place for everyone.

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  6. Love your garden! I would love to be outside, but it is so hot and humid and buggy! How about “Butterceam” for the quilt? I looks so soft and delicious! 🙂

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  7. You have said the exact words that everyone should listen to. Due respect and open
    accountability and true peace. Common sense.

    I love your quilt. The colors go so well together and make a lovely Flower Spot!

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  8. Lovely garden and wonderful post! I wholeheartedly agree. I think Beatrix’s Garden would be a great name as it reminds me so much of your Peter Rabbit garden, green beds with flowers dotted around. It will look stunning with the quilting completed.

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  9. The Peter Rabbit garden is just darling, it must be a lovely place to sit with a drink and a book. I was also taken with your new books and magazine, who doesn’t love a new sewing book! The magazine is new to me, it’s not one I have seen imported to England but the quilt on the front is so pretty. For a quilt name how about Dashing Through the Flowers. x

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    1. Those magazines are published in France and you should be able to find them where you are…that company publishes 3 different magazines: Simply Vintage, Simply Modern, and Quiltmania..all fantastic in my opinion ;). Thanks for the name suggestion!


  10. I love the garden progress-it looks very English Country Garden so I think you have achieved your goal.
    What about ‘Fresh as a Daisy’ for the name of the quilt. The lovely greens looks so fresh and crisp and the flowers around the edge remind me of happy daisies in the garden.

    Keep enjoying pottering and pondering-sound like good things to do!


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  11. Monique, I was so happy to see your blog and to read all you have to say. First, let me tell you I absolutely love your gardens! I love how you have the raised beds, the individual flower gardens with edging stones and the other pots sitting around with the whole thing fenced in. I love the decorative things you have placed around the garden. A name for the garden might be simply, “The Putterers Garden” or “A Puttering Garden” because you love to “putter”. Have you thought about Clematis growing on an arbor at the gate? They don’t require a whole lot of sun.
    I would name your quilt, “Monique’s Garden”. When I look at it each churn dash block it reminds me of your gardens especially the raised gardens. The little flowers around it remind me of how much you love your flower gardens. Your quilt is beautiful!
    Monique, I feel the same way as you about all the negative comments on social media. I have friends who are black and who, like me, are against all the riots and stealing. They just want to be treated equal by everyone. I don’t think about my friends being a different color. There are good people both white and black and there are bad people of all different colors, too. Rioting, killing people, luting and stealing only cause more of a racial divide in my opinion. I hope one day people will understand there are always going to be bad people in this world and being bad doesn’t have anything to do with your color or your profession.
    Thank you, Monique for sharing your life with us. Thank you for giving us encouragement to be creative. Love you so much!

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  12. I just now went back and read some of the suggestions for a name for your garden and quilt. I don’t know how you will ever decide. What great suggestions!

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  13. “Don’t Fence Me In” comes to mind, but you would have to put a few flowers inside the center part too! Love your garden! Yes you are way on your way to the English Garden! Cheers!

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  14. Monique, I appreciate your garden, your quilt and your words. I hope we can all share our opinions without being cast aside. I pray for a world where all people are treated equally and with kindness. There have been some very harsh words thrown around, some regretful I am sure. Have a lovely week.

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  15. Monique, wonderful that you were able to take a breather….and just catch up to you. Beatrix’s Crossing or Beatrix’s Landing ( since it is where Peter & Benjamin would land!) Your blogs are words that create a sense of joy & wonder. Thank you for that. What about sew along that reflects your garden? The colors in Peter Rabbit’s life in your garden ? I do hope hubby took action on his suggestion. ( There was one in Peter’s garden too!) Do have a wonderful & delightful day.

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  16. I love your Peter Rabbit garden! It looks like it would be so much fun to work in, and to… putter in! Your foxgloves are beautiful – I keep saying that I want to plant some in my yard. Let me know if you’d like me to send some of the rabbits in my yard to your house… I’d be happy to not have them continue to eat my roses and stomp on my daylilies, although they are cute. Your quilt looks like it could have been sewn and grown right in your garden! And I am so in agreement with your thoughts on civility – I cannot believe some of the replies that I am seeing on Instagram in response to very well-intentioned posts. Let’s hope that we return to being nice to each other sometime very soon.

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    1. Thanks Greg, I hope so too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone feel accepted and valued the same? And as for the offer of the rabbits…no thank you, I think we have plenty ( last year we also had a groundhog who LOVED my Zinnia tops very much!). And yes, you definitely need to plant some Foxgloves in your yard…they are amazingly beautiful ( and so far no one is eating them 😉 )


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