The Wash Day quilt

Hello friends,

This past week I have been super productive in my quilt room! I finished a quilt top and then right away started another new quilt!

Emma's quilt
latest completed quilt top ( pattern by Rachel Rossi)

I am usually the queen of starting ( but not finishing) a new quilt, and then getting distracted by yet something else and starting ( but not finishing ) that next project. Just in case I start to feel really awesome about my ability to actually see a project through, I have to admit that I have not finished quilting my Churn Dash quilt….hahaha, see, it is still me ;). Speaking of my Churn Dash quilt, I want to thank those of you who gave me name suggestions. There were so many great suggestions that it was really hard to choose! I ended up picking “Beatrix’s Crossing” suggested by nanasews4jax. I thought that would be a perfect title to commemorate my Peter Rabbit garden, as well as the times we find ourselves in now, at a crossroads of sorts. Nanasews4jax, please email me with your name and mailing address and I will pop a little surprise in the mail for you!

The newest quilt I just started working on came out of this book: 20200618_121827

I already love the title of this book of course, but one particular quilt really caught my eye right away. I just love the simplicity of it and it does look like it came straight out of a farmhouse, doesn’t it?

This pattern is called Wash Day and I love that title too!  I  of course had to change up the colors just a little bit…I always start with the best intentions of sticking to a particular color scheme and then inevitably veer off into my own happy colors….

But don’t you just love the wordy print? That is a Riley Blake backing fabric but I am using it in the top of my quilt. The words are perfect for this time period, don’t you agree?

And here is a peek at some of the blocks….

and at some of the rows….

These blocks are super simple to construct and I’m so enjoying putting the colors together! The book has more adorable projects other than the Wash Day quilt too. Here are a few others I’m eyeing already:

So this book comes highly recommended by yours truly, if you are into these kinds of quilts and projects ;).  Here is the link again for your convenience:

Well, that is all for this week!

Until next time~happy creating!


12 thoughts on “The Wash Day quilt

  1. Love, love, love it!!! So, I ordered the book lol. I’m also going to check out that Reilly Blake material because I’m really gravitating towards material with words on it. I enjoy starting my Saturdays with your blog Monique. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Love the word fabric and the hexagon quilt on the cover is calling my name. For many years I was the queen of starting new projects just creating ufos but the last few years I have gotten much more disciplined to complete many thanks to the American Patchwork Quilting UFO challenge group. Since 2018 I have completed over 55 quilts , doesn’t mean that I’m not starting more I am just more disciplined to finish more than I start a win win in my book. I still have many outstanding projects but that’s ok, I’m having fun being creative and it feels good to be using up some of what I own . Now if I could only focus on the embroidery quilted projects that you seem to have gotten me hooked on. 😉

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  3. For sure, I was making such progress on my embroidered blocks then hit a road block, called Gracie Lou Riley, that and the fact I started the EPP Paper Lanterns sew along. Thinking I might take them along with me on our upcoming RV self isolation beach trip. I only had 10 completed,

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  4. Plugging away. Summer is here so when your quilting studio and sewing studio are upstairs with no air, nope, don’t get up there much. I do however float in the lake a lot and hand stitch at night. Was up there all day today because it was rainy and only 75! Love the quilt on cover. Have way too many started.

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  5. Monique,
    I’m so excited that you choose “Beatrix Crossing”! That just make my heart full of joy. May the experiences you have in your garden continue to grow dainty and nostalgic. Also thank you so much for the link on the wash day quilts, just love the brightness and cheerfulness in the quilts. Always see with a joyful heart.

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