Beatrix’s Crossing and stars, stars, and more stars.

Hello friends!

What have you all been up this past week?

I have been a busy little bee! I’m feeling so productive and am wondering how long I will keep up this streak~Ha!

I put the finishing touches on my Beatrix’s Crossing quilt…the binding and a LABEL( yay, good for me!) and then took it out to the garden for some photo ops!

It was actually a little too sunny to take good pictures, so inside it came and I took some more pics there! 20200707_181232I hand quilted this with my favorite thread using a BIG stitch and it was such a joy to work on! Then I decided I really wanted to make a fancy label too, so embroidered some Peter Rabbit and mushroom images, as well as added the pertinent details with marker: 20200707_180451

I really, really like the way that this turned out and I will post the instructions for this quilt right here on my blog, in case anyone else would like to make one too.

In addition to finishing Beatrix’s Crossing, I also started sewing stars over the July 4th weekend. The tutorial came from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew and my plan was to just make three and turn them into a table runner….problem is that these stars are just a teeny bit addictive, so now I’m up to 9 and I think I’ll make either 12 or 16 to make a nice wall quilt. Fun fact: Almost all of the fabrics used in these stars came from my local re-use shop!


And finally, I want to share some non-quilty pics! I am so enjoying our yard and garden and like to run out and take photos whenever something beautiful catches my eye! This Hydrangea bush is my favorite right now because it has the most gorgeous periwinkle blue blooms on it! Considering that this bush was demolished by the fence crew a little more than 2 years ago, I think it has made a remarkable comeback!

Alright, that sums it up for this week! I do hope I can entice some more of you to take me up on my summer challenge ( see last week’s blog post!) because I would love to see a HUGE collection of quilts to feature in a fall blog post ( plus of course I will be giving away some goodies 🙂 ).

Until next time~happy creating!


17 thoughts on “Beatrix’s Crossing and stars, stars, and more stars.

  1. You have been so productive, your quilt is darling! Your gardens are coming along nice, this is the time of year I am always running out to snap pictures of my flowers! Thanks for sharing !

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  2. Such beautiful gardens, all I have managed to do this week is work on my tan and make new friends at a 6’ distance of course . Enjoying the outer banks and family time.

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  3. This post made me smile. Your little quilt is soooo beautiful. I’d love the pattern! I take lots of photos of my flowers too because they bring such joy. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

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  4. This post is great! Your quilt is so pretty, your garden beautiful and the way you acquired the fabric for the star blocks is the best!


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