The cutest mail you ever saw!

Hello again friends,

I started the writing of this blog post quite a while back….I was so enamored by the little fabric postage stamps and knew I would want to write a blog post about it at some point, and here it is!

Do you all know Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company? She is a blogger, fabric designer, quilter, and book author. One day, quite a few years ago now, Amy shared how she made these adorable fabric “postage” stamps, using up her precious perfect little scraps of pretty fabrics. I was instantly smitten with them! I mean, look at them, are they not the cutest thing ever? They are also super easy to make!


To see a quick description on how to make your own , you can check out this link:

So the obvious place to use these adorable little stamps would be on fabric postcards, but I wanted to find some other projects that you could use these on and here is what I found:

How about this adorable little postcard quilt? I just love how the maker added “washi tape” and all that handstitching! Ofcourse I am in love with her little stamp! And would you look at those teeny scraps in the border?! You can see more details by following this link:

If you are making fabric stamps, you might want to make some fabric envelopes to go with them and boy, did I find some cute ones!

blogpost3And again, those cute fabric stamps! You can find the tutorial for the envelopes by clicking here:Β

You could add a little fabric stamp to a homemade needlebook such as this: ( no tutorial for this, but it came from Amy Sinibaldi also)

Or you could add one to a sweet pincushion like this:

blogpost5 ( this one came from Folksy and is no longer available).

Or you could apply your stamps to a pillow cover, like this: tutorial can be found right here:

I had to get in on the fun so made some for myself. I found it to be extremely useful to use my Goddess applique sheet to protect my iron from fusible gunk ( you can find some options here).Β  This allowed me to cut a sheet of fusible web, lay it sticky side up, then I was able to add my fabric pieces on top.Β  Any space that was not filled with fabric did not put gunk on my iron but on the sheet instead! Then I tried using my scallop scissors Β to cut around the stamp shape to make it even more authentic-looking. However, my scissors are really for paper and really didn’t work on my fabric. (These ones here are specifically for fabric so they are now on my wish list). Luckily I have this scallop rotary blade and that one worked just perfectly!( click here for a link to this one).

Here are some of my finished “stamps”: 20200717_150934

Now to come up with a project to use them on……

So if you have some scraps that are really too small to do anything with…or they are just so cute and you want to feature them, consider making them into some adorable “stamps” and go to town with them ( and please share your creations with me!!)

Until next time~happy creating!



10 thoughts on “The cutest mail you ever saw!

  1. This entire post just brightened up my day. What a happy way to spend some time! I am rather nervous about working with small things but I just have to give this a try. I have a friend who is sick and this could give him a little cheer. Than!ks so much

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    1. I’m glad my post brightened your day! And I’m sure your friend would enjoy it, even just knowing that someone is thinking about you is a cheery thought, isn’t it? And is small projects scare you, you can always make these bigger πŸ˜‰


  2. really cute. bigger ones could become quilt labels.
    I have put felt backing on some and used them on a felt board for the grand girls
    Yours turned out sweet

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  3. Cute, cute, cute. What a fun little project. I may make a little postage pillow. I think they would be so cute. Monique you always provide us with such neat neat ideas. I always look forward to Saturday because I know your blog newsletter will be coming out. Thank you dear !

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