Hello friends,

I do hope you have had a good week!

Our weather has been absurdly HOT and HUMID so we have pretty much been hiding inside in the comfort of our air conditioned house! It has been a perfect opportunity to do some “nesting-type” of things that I usually reserve for rainy days ( which we have also had a lot of actually~ rain and hot and sticky make for a particularly miserable combination!)

Anyway….the nesting thing…..We own a LOT of books. I know you have all seen my collection of quilt books, but we, as a family, also own a lot of novels and coffee table type books. We love books! My hubby is one who can read a book once and then donate it. My daughter and I are cut from a different cloth…we love certain books so much that there is NO WAY we could ever part with them….and hence we end up with massive numbers of books….

After moving into our house ( almost 2 years ago already!), I had not yet had a chance to unpack all our books. There were more important things to focus on, but also, with as many windows as we have, it was  hard to figure out where I could place more bookcases! A few weeks ago I finally decided on  a good place and found a bookcase that would work. It wasn’t as tall as I could have used, but it was 1) cute, and 2) very affordable. So I ordered 2 right away, figuring I would figure out where the second one would go later on.

I have to tell you that when I started opening some of my boxes of books it felt a little bit like Christmas! It was so nice to see books that I had forgotten I owned ( does that make me extremely weird?? No matter, if we are kindred spirits you’ll understand completely!). fabric panel by riley blake designs Find this printable quote here:I had fun “styling” my bookcase ( and I think it adds a super cute look to our little landing at the bottom of the stairs!) and am looking forward to doing the same with the second bookcase which is now located at the bottom of the basement stairs. I am sure both will make an appearance at Christmas time when I share my Christmas decor with you because won’t these just make the perfect spots to add little Christmas vignettes?

When we had our attic space finished, we added a walk- in closet. That closet holds linens, but also games,  plus wrapping paper, the ironing board, and mops and the vacuum ( it is like the junk drawer in the kitchen, but for bigger items 😉 ). It is definitely a catch-all, and it needed organizing in bad way. So this past week I decided to tackle that job as well. Do you know the book ” When you give a mouse a cookie”? Well, that is what this project felt like to me! I thought I could pull everything out of the closet and then purge and organize by placing items on my ping pong table…but my table was covered in recent fabric purchases….so that prompted me to organize my fabric….organizing my fabric brought my attention to my UFO shelf, which then had to be organized….are you getting the picture?? Long story short: The closet is now clean, and the fabric is organized, but it ended up taking days, rather than one afternoon!

This has turned into a rather long post, with nothing quilty so far, so let me rectify that right now! I found and shared a free tutorial in my FB group last week, and, even though I tried to resist starting yet another project, it proved too irresistible!  blog post 1 You can find the link for this right here.

I pulled out all my happy scraps and started cutting and sewing… blog post 2

It is really a very simple design, just squares for the center….blog post 3And then you add orange peels to the border ( again, using lots of scraps!). You could of course hand applique your orange peels, but I opted for fusible web! This is really a cute and simple project. All I have left to do is stitch around my orange peels and sew together the cornerstones and then sew everything together. 20200723_10592820200723_10591920200723_105914I think this one is also begging to be hand quilted with a big stitch and my favorite thread, don’t you?

Until next time~happy creating!


25 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Hi Monique!
    Wow, you’ve accomplished quite a lot for one week! Good for you!
    Those little book shelves are perfect! And, love your fabric choices for the unplanned project!
    That little sewing lady wall hanging is adorable! Got some pattern info for it that you can share? So cute!
    Your friend,

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  2. This was a joyful way to start my weekend. I may have to push aside some of my projects to make your little quilt! Your bookshelves are perfect. ❤️❤️

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  3. So much accomplished this week. I sometimes feel all I do is reorganize. And of course start way to many projects, but I’m not the type who can only work on one at a time.

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  4. Goodness you were busy. I feel the same about books that you do. If one is really good I just can’t bear to be parted from it. I love your scrappy little quilt. Makes me want to go get my super sized bag of scraps and start cutting. We had 2 days of cooler, overcast, rainy weather here and it was so nice. It will be back in the 100s next week.

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  5. I love that little quilt. Talk about a happy inspiration! I want to make one now. I love the kindred spirit idea from Anne of Green Gables, as well, and I think you and I must be kindred spirits in more ways than one. I feel the same way about books. I have many that I could never give away. It would be too much like giving away a friend. .By the way, I love the angel in the window and the book on the shelf where the heart is quite prominent! Thanks so much for all the heartfelt fun!

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    1. Thanks Brenda. It is always so nice to read sweet comments that my readers leave! And I do hope you will start that little quilt, it is so fun to pull out scraps ( or not, I think this one could look equally stunning all done in blues or even Christmas fabrics!). That sweet little angel I found in a box of books…I have had it for years and that little window sill seemed like a good spot for her. And I had to go look for the heart you mentioned….that is on the spine of a Jennifer Chiaverini book. Are you familiar with her stories? If not, you are in for a sweet surprise, many of them are quilting stories and I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the series and reading your way through!


      1. I am sure the reason I noticed the angel is because I have collected them for many years. I am connected to them like books in that I haven’t been able to part with them as yet. I have so many that when i was still able to do so, I decorated with mostly angels on my Christmas tree (actually anything with wings found a place). I have read at least one of Jennifer Chiaverini’s books and will definitely look for her series. I probably selected it because it was about quilting. I did notice the book on the shelf because the heart stood out to me. I am hoping to make a small just hearts quilt soon.

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  6. Love your book collection, I see that we have some of the same😃Love your quilt. Thanks for bringing in some joy today. Going through a hurricane. Talk about hot, Try living in Deep South Texas!!Love your notes and your garden too!!

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  7. Wow! You have been “nesting”! It’s hot and humid here in Tennessee, also. My books are some of my best friends, or at least the ones by my favorite authors! Your scrap quilt project comes at the perfect time as I have just finished two quilts, slated for gifts. I loved both colorways and now can use the leftovers for a wall hanging for myself!! Thanks for the share. And, you can never have too many bookcases!!! Lol!!

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  8. Oh Monique I can totally relate. I have books that I have re-read so many times and would be heartbroken if I lost them. Of course there are books that I read and cant wait to get rid of them, so now I borrow from the library and if I love the book I buy it and if not, well its not my problem. I love your quilt and I find that when you start to clear up an area you end up clearing up the whole house. Take care dear friend xx.

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    1. Now that is a good idea Guida! Except I’m not sure I can skip visiting the bookstore ( or our little free neighborhood library)…..
      You will have to share what authors ( or books ) are your favorite! I love recommendations for books that others love!


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