House renovations and fusion crochet update

Hello there,

As promised last week, this week I’m back to share some pics of our latest house reno, as well as an update on my fusion crochet project!

First the house reno pics! We finally, finally completed our dining room makeover! This is what it looked like when we first moved in 2 years ago now:dining room photo before It is very interesting how the room looks a completely different shape because of the lens the realtors used! The wallpaper had bright fuchsia flowers and I thought I might be able to tone those down a bit by whitewashing the walls, so that is what my mom and I did before we even moved in.

dining room photo before 2

I can’t say that that improved things too much, plus that too-low chair rail drove me NUTS! So last year our oldest son helped me take that chair rail out and I removed the wallpaper completely, at which point we were left with a yellow, gluey mess on the wall, not to mention GIANT holes from the nails that held the chair rail. YUCK!

But so the room sat for months, because it seemed like such a daunting job to tackle ~ you see, I had a grand idea for the space!

So 2 weekends ago, we finally bit the bullet and decided to tackle the room. We spackled, we sanded, we washed, hubby painted the ceiling, and then we finally got to those walls. First we chose a color for the top 1/3 of the wall. When we first put it on I was afraid it was going to be too dark!

But this is a sun-filled room and we could always repaint….and we LOVE the color ( it did take 3 coats of paint to completely cover though!)

We installed fake wainscotting by attaching thin slats of wood vertically, and then topped that with new ( much higher!) horizontal trim. Then we painted all that with bright, light, glossy trim paint.

After moving everything back in place and hanging our art it looks like a brand-new space and we absolutely love it!

Is it wrong that I am already looking forward to decorating it at Christmas?? Hahaha.

Now onto quilty things! Last week I promised that I would try the fusion crochet technique and share what I found. So I made a quilt square by cutting two squares of fabric, plus a piece of batting ( cut slightly smaller than the fabric).

I then layered my fabric, right sides together, and laid the batting on top and sewed around the outside using a 1/4″ seam, leaving an opening for turning, like this:

After clipping corners and turning it right-side out, I pressed and top-stitched around the outside edge( and thereby closing that opening) and did some simple quilting.

Then it was time for the fun part! I had picked up some crochet cotton at my local reuse shop that seemed perfect for this! 20200808_140708

I took a very sharp needle, with a LARGE eye. and started sewing around my quilted square with a blanket stitch. This was HARD! My crochet cotton really did not want to go through my cotton very well. I ended up using a deflated balloon to pull my needle through each hole, but of course a needle puller would work too! I did switch needles at one point, so if you are trying this method, do try different needles until you find the best one ( long-ish, skinny, but with an eye that you can thread!). Anyway, the blanket-stitching probably took me most of an afternoon, but it looked cute!

And then it was time to try crochet around the edge. I used the tutorial that I shared last week and made these sweet scallops…This was so easy! The instructions in the tutorial are really very simple and clear and I don’t think it will give you any trouble at all! And it was so much fun! I love the way the variegated cotton looks, don’t you? So here it is all done: 20200808_215448Even though I think this looks adorable, I do think that the scallops are a little too much crochet for going between quilt blocks, so I am going to play around with that and see what I come up with. I also ended up buying some much thinner crochet thread, hoping that it will be a little easier to go through my quilt squares. I will let you know how that works!

Well, that is all for this week….

Until next time~happy creating!


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25 thoughts on “House renovations and fusion crochet update

  1. Your dining room renovation is gorgeous! Love the chandelier and the window for letting in lots of light. The cherry project is so cute, great job! Happy weekend Monique.

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  2. Wow! That was so fun to see your remodel of your dining room! What a change from the original and I think the whitewashing was a good attempt/idea but ultimately what you did was the best strategy! Oh and nice fusion crocheted piece – I did not realize you do blanket stitch on the outside to set up a place for crocheting! Makes sense now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOWEE! What an improvement on that dining room. I love that color and the higher chair rail, plus your artwork really makes it a home. Lovely! Interesting on the fushion crochet – Perle cotton would be a bit easier as it’s thinner but has a similar effect. Can’t wait to see the next installment. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Monique. You have a way to see, and have the ” ah ha” moment. Seems you really grab all senses when those “ah ha” strike! You go and don’t stop until you’ve reached that feeling when you are completely satisfied and the mission is complete. 😊
    Don’t it feel wonderful and it does look comfortably welcoming. Thanks so much for your encouraging thoughts, words, and ideas. Times have been an emotional rollercoaster, yet I always look forward to your post on your blog, it continues to bring delight, encouragement, and confidence in trying ANYTHING new! May you be surrounded with joy, laughter, and love today and always.

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