Hello, my name is Monique and I am a wife and mother to 4 amazing children who range in age from 9 to  24.  I have always enjoyed doing all kinds of crafts, anything from ( simple!) knitting to scrapbooking to cardmaking, but when I discovered quilting 16 years ago, it changed everything! I fell head over heels in love with the entire craft and have never looked back. I own many, many quilt books ( and continue to find more), and have way more fabric than is good for me. When I started this blog last year my goal was to not buy any new fabric in 2016. Even though I didn’t quite make my goal, I was pretty proud of my self-restraint! In 2017 my goal is to make quilts and projects out of the many books I own, RATHER than buying yet another new book. It will be hard because I have already eyed some new books that are begging to come and live on my shelves, but hey, it can’t possibly be as hard as NOT buying new fabric, can it?! I hope you will follow me in my journey!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Your block is so cute. I have purchased material from Marshall’s Dry Goods from the Free Spirit Line. I think that is what I am going to use.

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  2. Hi, Monique! Jacquelynn Steves BOM is the only BOM I am participating in. I am new to quilting and thought this one was sweet. I, like yourself, am a homebody. I have chosen a theme of blue from my stash of fabrics. I love the cute girlie holding her baby that you chose to put in the entryway of your house in block 1.

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