Welcome Christmas!

Hello friends,

One last blog post before Christmas arrives! This one I’m filling with pictures and a few projects….enjoy!

Let’s start in the family room. All kinds of homemade goodness in this picture! The quilts on the ladder were made and gifted to me by my friend Colleen, who first introduced me to quilting~thank you Colleen! The table runner and pillows were made by me. Those amazing Santas on the mantle are Jim Shore Santas and I have 13 of them! See if you can spot them all ;).

Even our kitchen gets decked out for the holidays! I hang cookie cutters from ribbon in front of the window, and add my collection of Santa candles on the sill. And I can’t forget about my gnomes! That big guy on the left was a gift from one of my readers( handmade by HER!)…thank you Candy!

My Christmas decor just wouldn’t be the same without some of my quilts! These 2 I actually designed and made a few years back.

My little collection of cardboard houses looks perfect on my side table. I just love their glittery look!

Some more Jim Shore Santas in this nook. That mantle is an antique that hubby and I found a few years back. You may remember seeing it in our bedroom in our previous house. It ofcourse made the move with us and now adds a special touch in our living room, along with our electric fireplace.

I love adding a simple wreath to these window frames. It gives them that extra festive touch. And yes, that is a piece of an old quilt that we stapled to the back of an old window frame.

I haven’t counted how many quilts I have out right now, but it’s a lot! This one I bought as a kit from a local quilt shop when we still lived in Montana and it adds a festive touch to this otherwise plain corner of our family room.

Our little stair nook gets all decked out too! I love adding little festive touches everywhere I can. That little quilt under the snowman is one I designed quite a few years ago. It has a whole lot of yoyos in the center and then a simple, plain border around the outside.

I  wrote a seasonal message on our chalkboard and added homemade wreaths to the back of our dining room chairs. The church was made by my dad and gets a special place. When our second oldest boy was younger he would stand at that church and try and peek inside those windows to see what was going on inside~ wonderful memories!

20191216_184057We have a “candy tree” that is filled with candy ornaments. It seems perfectly suited to the dining room!

And finally there is my ceramic village. I collected these houses over time ( bought at Joann’s!) because they were expensive for our small budget. Our son surprised me last year with the addition of the covered bridge that he found at an antique store. Living in Pennsylvania, a covered bridge was the perfect  addition to my little village!

As you can tell, our house is looking very Christmassy and this past week I even had a chance to do a bit of crafting! I made this Thank You note and ornament for a couple whose Christmas party we attended:  And made this card to send to some friends:

( These images are all from The Graphics Fairy and the ornament idea came from this post.)

And then finally I have been busy making some new stockings for our older boys. Their stockings are their originals and they have definitely seen better days. So I made themed stockings to match their interests….an outdoorsy one for the son who loves to hike and camp, and a recipe-filled one for the one who loves to cook and bake together with his girlfriend. I used this tutorial to make these…so very simple!

I also made pillowcases for our oldest daughter and youngest son. I like to use fabrics that match their interests on pillowcases as well, so it was one with bunnies for daughter ( she has 2!) and one with an outdoorsy theme for the Boy Scout….I was so convinced I had taken pics of these, but they are nowhere to be found and seeing as I wrapped them earlier today I cannot show you. They are cute ;). I used a super simple pattern from All People Quilt that I printed out in 2009 and seems nowhere to be found. It was fast and easy but you don’t end up with nice, finished seams, so I think the burrito method is still a better way to go.

I hope that you are fully enjoying this Christmas season and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Thanks so much for following along with Farmhouse Quilts…I truly appreciate all the comments you take the time to leave on my posts( and I do try and respond to every one of them!), and all the fun we have in the Facebook group with the exchanges and challenges, and the joking around we do on the Facebook page ( have you read all those Elf names??)

Until next time~happy creating!



Quilt binding entirely by machine~a tutorial

Hello there,

This week I thought I’d share how I approach doing a quilt binding entirely by machine. Personally I enjoy the whole “hand-sewing it to the back” part, but sometimes you may be in a time-crunch, or ( and I know this seems unbelievable 😉 ) you may be one of those people that absolutely  loathes the hand sewing part.

The method that I used was soooo easy and worked like a charm so I hope you will like it too! Continue reading

Some quilty projects to share

Hello friends,

Well, summer has come to an end, and so has our stream of visitors. Did I tell you that we hosted 10 different guests this summer? A little crazy, although it was super fun and I loved seeing 3 of my cousins for the first time in 37 years! It was fun to discover that we definitely have some of the same traits (a terrible sense of direction and stubbornness being two of them), and it doesn’t matter that we are separated by an ocean!

Our latest guest was my cousin from England, whom I introduced to quilting a few years back, so we naturally had to include some quilting into her visit! First I took her to the wonderful re-use shop that I have shared about before. They happened to be having a “sale”, except the sale this week was to fill up a grocery bag and take it for FREE. Woohoo, I love those kinds of deals! We had a great time going through all the items and came home with all kinds of treasures! ( This photo shows our “haul”, which combined free and paid items 😉 )

My cousin found a cute pattern block in one of my quilt books and I thought it might be fun for both of us to make the pattern but put our own spin on it!



We both dislike hand appliqué so used fusible web instead ( this explains the reversed pattern!) and had fun adding our own little touches. Here are the 2 quilts we ended up with:


Both of us outlined our shapes with black machine stitching, and then added little hand quilted details using my favorite Sulky thread. Of course buttons were a MUST too.



And then, for the first time ever, I decided to sew on my binding entirely by machine! ( time crunch issues 😉 ). Oh my goodness, I have to tell you that this was so fast and easy! This will probably not be the last time I do the  binding entirely by machine!



The way that I did my binding was to make a 2 1/2 inch binding strip in the usual method, sewed it to the front as usual, and then folded the binding to the back and stitched ON THE FRONT, right inside the edge. I thought this would

  1. look cute, and
  2. ensure that the binding was caught on the bottom.

I just sewed slowly and kept checking that my binding was in the correct position. At one point I had to tie off my thread, remove my quilt, and fold the binding back into the correct spot because it had wandered off course a bit, but then I just started up again where I left off and continued. If you have never tried doing binding this way, I encourage you to try it! The only thing that is not as nice doing it by machine is that the corners are a little more rounded than when done by hand, but if it’s done by machine on a bed or baby quilt where that won’t be obvious anyway I think it’s a great method! Let me know if you would like a tutorial and I would be happy to do one.

A few other projects that I managed to finish these past few weeks was this baby quilt for  a baby that arrived on Thursday



…and a card for my cousin, who just bought his first home. This is not technically a quilt, but I DID stitch the paper pieces so I’m counting it ;).

I hope you all enjoy this last long weekend of summer….it is supposed to be a beautiful one and we are going to take advantage!

Until next time~happy creating!