A Scandinavian inspired post

Hello friends,

As I was pondering this week’s blog post~ absolutely no time  in my quilt room this week, so nothing new and creative to share!~and was actually thinking I wouldn’t write a blog post this week,  *POOF*, this great craft idea arrived via Pinterest, which sparked the idea for this week’s post!


I think you all know that Continue reading

Under the wire!

Hello friends,

Here I am, Friday afternoon, and I’m just starting my blog post for tomorrow! Usually I start writing it way earlier in the week and then revisit it a couple of times to check for flow, spelling, good photos, correct links, and all that other good stuff that comes with writing a blog ( If only I had spent this much time on essays while in college! 😉 )

Anyway, I had such a prolific quilting week last week, you just knew that there was no way that this week was going to come even close, right?! I do indeed have no new finishes to share….I have been doing remarkably little crafty things, but instead have been busy putting together little parcels to send overseas and finishing Christmas and birthday shopping ( did you know that in our immediate family we celebrate a birthday, then Christmas, and then 3 more birthdays in January? And that doesn’t even count a niece, my sister, and my mother in law, who ALL celebrate birthdays in December too! Our family obviously plans very poorly! Ha!)

So, no quilty projects to show, but I do have some sweet Christmas decorations to share with you!

I pulled out a lot of my Christmas quilts and have been placing them all over the house:




My smaller quilts I like to tuck in little nooks and crannies:

My quilty friend Colleen made me these two quilts that I hung over my rustic ladder:

I have a few other quilts that are out and about but I haven’t finished the decorating around them, so I will share those next week! But I do have a few other little vignettes that I can share:

This is our chalkboard in the kitchen that I like to write a special message on each season:

Our kitchen window is all decked out too!

I have a gnome watching the dining room table from up high…

He’s keeping a good eye on all these little gnomes in my tiered tray that might be up to no good!

And finally, some pictures of the living room, where we have made a second “fireplace”, complete with antique mantel and an electric fireplace….

And finally my little putz houses that are probably some of my favorite Christmas decorations:

I have so many more decorations to pull out, but this was enough for one day. Next week I will share the others,  as well as some other quilts that you have not seen yet.

Have a great week, try and do something crafty and relaxing for yourself at this busy time of year. I’m going to try and do the same!

Until next time~happy creating!


Decorating with Fall quilts and some other little projects.

Hello friends,

This week I have a bunch of disjointed things to share…of course~ that’s how you know it’s me! 😉

I joined a local quilt guild recently and the members have been making doll quilts to give away at Christmas ( although, they are more “cuddle blankets” than doll-sized quilt in reality). This past week a number of us Continue reading

January blahs?

Hello friends,

After the Christmas season is done, and all the decorations are put away, the house, weather, and life, can seem a bit blah. Admittedly for me, because we run straight from Christmas into “birthday season” at our house, I don’t have too much of a problem with that because I’m kept busy with 3 (!!) birthdays within a 16 day timespan.  However, taking down Christmas can be a bit depressing so I thought I would share some ideas on how I keep the cheer in our home for the next few wintery months.

While I do take down my Christmas decorations, I will leave out anything that can pass as a winter decoration.

After all, there is no rule that says you can’t decorate for winter, and why not undecorate slowly, in stages, so it doesn’t seem so radically empty right after the holidays? So I leave my “not too Christmassy” quilts hanging and find my “winter” quilts and hang those on the walls, and drape them over the sofas.

I think that using red quilts is still fine because, after all, we are heading towards Valentine’s Day, which is all about red!

I will also treat myself to some new plants or flowers. Some green is always nice and if you can treat yourself to a nice new pot as well, it is even better ;).( My hubby gave me this beautiful terracotta pot for Christmas, as well as the flowers so I think he knows what I need in January!)


Placing some new table runners on tables is a nice way to warm up your home too ( and if you don’t have any, this is a great excuse to drop everything and go make yourself one!). It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it will give you great satisfaction ( and maybe an excuse to go shopping for more fabric?!).


It is still winter, so candles are still nice to have out. I am a bit candle obsessed and have many, many, many candles, in all different kinds of scents. I freely admit that I will burn candles practically all year long, except maybe at the hottest points in July and August. Candles just signify coziness to me, and I’m all about cozy ;).

Finally, I find that working on a ” Christmassy” project for next year is a nice way to have the coziness linger a little longer, without it being obvious that I am reluctant to give up the season. It worked out perfectly that January’s UFO according to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine’s UFO resolution for me is my Rustic Pines quilt!


If you have not already joined in with this challenge, I highly recommend it( see last week’s blog post for more details on how to join). There is no pressure, but I do find myself working on just this project during the day and I am getting a lot done! At night I am working on some embroidery ( also Christmassy) so am still knee-deep in Christmas, but only in a subtle way ;).

What do you do to keep your home from looking too bleak after Christmas? Please share your ideas in the comments!

Until next time~happy creating!





Why is it that time seems to pass so quickly in November and December? Just when I know we all need time to move very s l o w l y, it seems to fly past! Anyway, things have been super hectic around here ( we finally SOLD our house~ YAHOO!!) so I have only had a chance to wave “hello” to my quilt room this past week…no visiting allowed :(. Continue reading