A day in the life of a quilter

Hello again. A bit of a different post this week! I thought it would be fun to “map” my day and see where and how I spend my time. Monday was going to be a day dedicated to quilting but, as you can read, that’s not really how it turned out… ( for convenience sake I shared really exact times, but they of course were not that regimented!) Here was my day:

6:15 am: Alarm goes off and I head downstairs to make tea and breakfast for our youngest son. Sit for a bit enjoying a cup of tea and a book ( currently reading ‘ Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life’ by Marta McDowell~ a sweet gift from one of my followers!), then pack up lunch for son and head up to make beds and shower.

8:00 am: Walk son to bus stop, come home and start a load of laundry, water and clean up a few flower pots outside, and take the dog for a walk. It’s wonderful day…sunny, a little bit on the chilly side, and windy ( which does “wonders” for my hairdo 😉 )

9:00 am: Head out to the garden to plant a few veggies and flowers in my Peter Rabbit garden but the dog finds a baby bird who is just beginning to fly. He seeks refuge in my garden and I don’t have the heart to disturb him any further…the planting will have to wait! Luckily the dog cannot get into that garden and the baby bird will most likely be safe from any predators there.

9:30 am: Slice up all the overripe bananas that older son has been bringing home from his job in a hotel kitchen ( they will just get thrown out if he leaves them there), and put them in the dehydrator. They will take anywhere from 5-7 hours to dry and then I will store them as snacks for us, and as snacks for our bunnies and rats who all LOVE banana! Time to start another load of laundry and check email and Facebook.

10:00 am: Vacuum the downstairs, mop the kitchen, dining room, and family room, and start the diffusers ( while I fill up the diffusers, I also place some drops on the inside of my steam mop head…makes the house smell so good while I mop!). I also stamp some images for embroidering and pop those in the mail for another sweet blog reader.

11:15 am: Time to head into the quilt studio to see what needs working on today. I need to think of a cute project to publish in a small neighborhood magazine…and I need to work on my challenge project which is due in a little more than a week!

12:45 pm: Lunchtime! Also time to get all the pets a little lunchtime treat.

1:15 pm: Time to go back upstairs and work on some more quilty stuff! I think I have come up with the perfect no~sewing~machine~necessary project! 20190603_141145

2:30 pm: Laundry folding time! I have a HUGE mountain of laundry to fold….this will take until it’s time to make a cup of tea for daughter and me to enjoy when she gets home from work.  image used with permission

4 pm: Youngest son comes home…snack time, and then time to clean the ratty cages. We have 2 rats and they are adorable…no, really!

5 pm: Time to think of a dinner idea…it will be Tuna Casserole tonight. used with permission

7 pm: Cleaning up and getting everything and everyone settled for the night…this includes a trip to all the pet cages with my bag of kale…all our pets expect their nightly treat of kale…even the dog 😉

8 pm: Time for relaxing, learning some Italian, and maybe doing some stitching while watching some TV. I recently downloaded the Duolingo app, which teaches many, many different languages ( and they have a FREE version~yay!). I chose Italian because it has fascinated me for a long time. The program is awesome and after just a few days I was already writing in Italian! If you are looking to learn something new, give this a try!

10 pm: Time for a well-deserved night’s sleep!

Well, there you have it….not nearly as productive a day quilt-wise as I had hoped for, but busy nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my day :).

One last thing before I close: Last week I asked for suggestions for names for my thrift-store-fabric quilt….thank you all so much for your wonderful ideas! They all sounded so much better than “thrift-store-fabric-quilt”! I decided to go with “Cozy Posies” as a title! Thank you very much Brenda for the suggestion and please contact me so I can send you a little something in the mail!

Until next time~happy creating!