quilts and temptations



This week the AQS quilt show is in town so I decided to brave the crazy , many-one-way-streets-so-it’s confusing, busy downtown  this morning! I decided to start with the vendors because it was early and not busy so there was a chance to talk with the different booth operators about their products.  I circumvented ALL booths with fabric so I wouldn’t be tempted to break my “fabric diet” and then found a very nice lady who supplies the yarn for Sue Spargo. If you are not familiar with Sue Spargo you MUST check out her work~ it is quite amazing! This particular vendor had soooo many choices, but I restrained myself and just bought a few skeins of perle cotton in the size that I like to “big- stitch- quilt” with.

Look at those colors! Aren’t they just yummy?

They are a little “Easter-y” maybe? But I think I will enjoy using all those colors. It was so nice to have so many colors to choose from, rather than the usual ( boring) selection at my local craft store!  I also visited with a lovely lady from France, named Isabelle, who had the most adorable patterns on display! I bought two, one for me and one for a Christmas present for a special friend.032 Continue reading


Hello there!

We have had a fabulous couple of days here this past week! Yesterday the temperature rose to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and today feels like more of the same. It was so nice to open the windows and listen to all the birds, while enjoying the sunshine streaming into the house! I think I’m ready for the nice weather!  Don’t get me wrong: I love winter and snow and the coziness of the season, but it is almost mid-March and I think winter can go away now.

This past weekend I got started on a little table topper…it was so nice and Spring-like outside that I felt like making something new and fresh to display on my table. I found this cute little tulip template online ( I wish I could remember where so I can give credit!) and decided to use it.

I got to work with my scraps and made 4 cute, red, little tulips.

Of course they got quilted right away ( although with a project this small I could have waited!).  I started looking for some fabric to use as sashing and borders. I wanted something fresh and “spring-y”, but try as I might, not one of the fabrics I auditioned looked just right. Except for this dark blue and green one….hmmm, not exactly the light, airy feeling I was going for, but I decided to go with my gut.

I even added some bright green piping! ( I love the way it looks, but let me tell you that it was a bit tricky to get that to behave!) Some more pictures of the work in progress:

And finally the finished table topper!016

Bloom block #8 came out on Monday, so yesterday I got to work on that one. It’s a little wacky and off to one side, but I am loving the color combination in this one! And I got really creative with my Bloom templates and actually traced around one of the shapes to give me a a  quilting line. Smart, no?!


After working on the Bloom block I decided to get working on my sweet little Log Cabin quilt that I had made before Valentine’s Day. I simply stitched in the ditch around all the log cabin blocks and then decided to do a fancy swirly thing in the center. I always have to take a LOT of breaks when I’m free-motion quilting because I really tense up when I quilt! So, although the center is done, I still have to finish the outside borders, but I decided to go with a simple vine and that will be easy.

After all that activity in my room this week you would think it would be a GIANT mess again, wouldn’t you? Well, I thought so too, but I have been VERY good about cleaning up after myself and I think it still looks pretty awesome!

Next week the AQS quilt show is coming to town and I’m planning on taking lots of pictures and coming away very inspired ( maybe with a few NON-fabric purchases~ha!)

Enjoy the rest of your week!