UFO’s, my new Birthday Club, and more!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous holiday season with lots of relaxing, good food, and maybe some quilting?? Our holidays were wonderful. I love having the kids home and just hanging out and doing stuff together. And our season of celebrating just continues as we roll from the Christmas season right into the “birthday season”. At our house we celebrate 3 (!!!) birthdays in January ( how’s that for planning?!~ Teehee).

Image from Internet

Speaking of birthdays, I have decided to add a new little “sub-club” in my Facebook group for those who are interested. I call it “the Birthday Club” and when you join I will send you a special birthday card for your birthday. Why?? Because I think birthdays are super important. They celebrate you. I don’t care if you are 8 or 80, I want everyone to feel special on their birthday. All you have to do to become part of the birthday club is become a member of the FB group ( find the link by clicking here), and then send me a message via FB or email and let me know your birthdate and mailing address. I will look after the rest. And ofcourse I will not share your info with anyone. That is for my eyes only ;).

Okay, onto other matters. I decided to join the American Patchwork and Quilting  magazine UFO challenge for 2019.

I am just the worst ( or is it BEST??) at starting new projects and not finishing old ones so when I saw this challenge I thought I should join in.


The idea is that you make a list of 12 UFO’s ( they can be anything, doesn’t have to be quilt related!) and you write them down. Then the magazine decides which # we will work on during a certain month. So for example, for January it is project #3, which for me is my Rustic Pines quilt.

Rustic Pines pattern by Gigi's thimble

Here is my list for this year:

….some projects I have almost finished and others have A LOT of work left ….I don’t know whether I will complete those or not, but at least I will make some progress ;). And I can’t promise that I won’t start some new projects this year either…there are way too many cute patterns and fabrics out there, and I already have my eye on a couple of quilt books that are coming out soon (  yes, I am a TERRIBLE influence and I know it!).

You can find and download your own chart by clicking here and then go and join their FB group if you like. I will also encourage people to share their projects in OUR facebook group so if you are more comfortable sharing in a smaller group you can do that. Let’s get some projects finished this year! And by the way, so far I have not worked on my #3 project at all because I rediscovered this project:

It is a pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio and I bought it as a BOM more than 10 years ago! It has 10 embroidered blocks and then a whole bunch of piecing. This one could easily keep me busy all 12 months I think, but I’m going to try to just work on the embroidery at night, and then leave the daytime free to work on my Rustic Pines quilt. Let’s see how that goes, shall we ;). Have I shown you the corner of my closet that holds all my UFO’s?? A bit embarrassing, but I am hoping to whittle that pile down by 12 this coming year!

Even if you are not interested in joining the UFO challenge, I do hope that you will become part of my new Facebook group called Farmhouse Quilts and Friends.

It is much like my old one, except I made it just for blog subscribers so that it will stay small and more manageable. You can request to join by clicking here. As soon as I verify your email, you will be added and then you will have access to the group. This is a private group so no one but members can read the posts, make new posts,  and see who else is in the group.

Finally, I didn’t get to work on a whole lot of projects over the holidays, but I DID clean my quilt room, hung some art,  and finished this project:

Gingerbread Men quilt by Farmhouse Quilts

I started that one last Christmas and am happy to say I completed it only 2 days after this Christmas…but hey, I will have it ready for next Christmas ;). 

My quilt room is really starting to come together too, as I am able to unpack and hang more art and organize a bit more: 


Finally, I  received some quilting rulers ( and a special foot) from my sweet hubby for Christmas and was able to play with those a bit and am looking forward to really getting comfortable with them this coming year. I will be sure to write a blog post about my experience with them soon too.

P.S. I have heard from a few people that they can’t find where to sign up for my blog. If you look on the right hand side of my page, you should see these boxes:

Just type your email address where it says to enter it, and then click “follow”. You will receive an email asking if you did indeed sign up. Just confirm that email and you will be all set! I am sorry but I don’t know if it looks different on a phone or tablet. If you are using one of those you might have to search around a bit. ( Alternately, if you request to join my FB group and you are not already a member, I can send you an invite 😉 )

Alright, that wraps up my first blog post of the New Year! Until next time~ happy creating!


The fabric diet continues…

As many of you already know, I am on a “fabric diet” this year, meaning that I promised myself that I would use UP the fabric I already own, rather than buying any NEW fabric. I thought that for sure I would be needing new fabric before too long, because my stash would dwindle down to nothing in  no time at all.( I am being so very productive after all!) So here is the sad, sad truth…when I looked around my room this past weekend I couldn’t even see any tiny little place where a dent has been made in my fabric stash. Nope, not one hint that I have been restraining myself so remarkably since January. Very sad…I suppose I could just decide to give up on the diet, seeing as it’s not making any difference, but I am no quitter! I have even more resolve to make my diet show results by the end of the year 🙂 I guess I need to start making BIGGER quilts~ ha!

Even though I am not buying fabric this year, I do allow myself to buy other goodies, and this past week I bought this adorable pattern from Australian designer Antonie Alexander of Me & My Red Boots.022 I found her on Craftsy and I adore her patterns! They are so cute and cheerful.  This pattern is called Woodland Bunnies and I thought when I started on Friday that for sure I could finish it by Sunday (Easter)….I am an eternal optimist :). Soooo, that of course did not happen. Not only were we busy baking cinnamon buns and painting Easter eggs, we were also in the midst of painting son’s bedroom, plus some furniture to go in said room. ( The room looks fantastic, by the way). The quilt did not even get close to finished. This is the progress on my bunnies so far….

Aren’t they so cute?? I just love them! I will add details with buttons and embroidery, but for now am just concentrating on the bunny outline. I  thought about putting the project away until closer to next year’s Easter, but then I’m afraid it might disappear in the ” UFO” pile forever and ever. The bunnies are too cute for that fate! I will persevere,  and please make sure to ask me about the bunny project once in a while, just to keep me on my toes!

Earlier this week  a friend came over for her very first quilting lesson. I had recommended we start with something simple and she chose this potholder pattern. She did a great job on her very first project and got the entire thing done, except for the quilting.

Doesn’t it look great?!  Hopefully she has caught the quilting bug too! Luckily there are so many resources available on the Internet to provide us with guidance, inspiration and free patterns that there really is no excuse to not dive into this amazing hobby/obsession wholeheartedly.

030Speaking of inspiration, a few weeks back I found this amazing book at the library. It is chock-full of information and inspiration and I just love it!

I am going to end with some pictures of Easter. My mom embroidered the tablecloth back in 1969 and  gifted it to me last year. I am always on the lookout for wonderful pieces like this when I go antiquing,  so to get something made by my own mother is extra special! Thanks, Mom!


I wish you all a great rest of the week!