Hexie quilt

Every once in awhile I love to visit antique/junk/salvage stores. You never know what you might find! I am always on the look-out for quilts ( and buttons!), but I always feel guilty for spending too much money on something that I can make myself. So I will only buy a quilt if it just makes my heart stop AND if it’s the right price (=cheap). Last year I found this beauty.001

I just loved the colors and the scrappiness of it, and besides, it was dirt cheap.SCORE! At first I hung it on the wall, but didn’t like the look of it there. So then it ended up folded over at the end of our bed. In the Fall when it got chilly, I decided to unfold it and use it as an extra cover. That is when I really started noticing all the details in this beauty. All those little hexagons were hand-pieced onto a paper foundation…every one of them! And then they were whipstitched together to make a flower shape.( Somewhere in there the maker had to remove all the little paper foundations). And then those flower shapes were sewn together to white borders that connected the flowers….and when all those were sewn together ( and a border was added) the whole quilt was hand-quilted!!004003

Amazing, right?! And did I mention that these hexagons are about 2 inches big?? AND…some of those hexies are actually sewn from two scraps of fabric that had been sewn together!

The person who made this quilt was amazingly patient and SO thrifty. You can see why I love this quilt AND love it more every time I discover a new detail!

I decided that I needed to try some English paper piecing myself. It is pretty fun. You simple have a scrap of paper that you baste onto a paper foundation. When you have enough shapes you whipstitch them together at the edges and remove the paper foundations. This is how far I have gotten:007

That is only one flower….not sure I have the patience to make any more than just one..I think I’ll make a pincushion 🙂