The great thing about a blog

I haven’t had my blog for very long yet, but already I am seeing a HUGE upside to starting one: You have to get stuff done so you have something to blog about! I have always been pretty bad about starting a project and then losing interest in it half-way through, putting it aside, usually to forget all about it, only to start a different project. ( I like to call this ADOSOD= Attention Deficit Ooooh Shiny Object Disorder) 🙂 When you are writing a blog about quilting you kind of want/need to have pictures of quilts to share. When you are trying to publish a blog once a week or so, you really don’t have time to start a project only to set it aside and start a new one….see where I am going with this?! So my track record on sticking with a project has improved tremendously! Another thing that used to be my downfall was that I would spend way too much time surfing the Internet looking for new projects ( as if I needed any more!) I LOVE Pinterest and have many, many wonderful quilt patterns and inspirations for new quilts pinned on my boards. But somehow it is just better to actually work on a project than to pin one. MInd you, I will never give up pinning completely, but now I tend to have a better balance between pinning and quilting :).

This past week I got quite a lot of quilting in…yahoo! Our youngest was entertained by having a friend over two different times over the long weekend so I was able to sneak in some sewing, while still being able to supervise. I am participating in Lori Holt’s BLOOM sew-along and this was the week for block number 5 already! 001I was able to get blocks number 3 and 4 quilted and sewn into a row,and then made block 5 and got it quilted!Cute, isn’t it?! I love how colorful it is going to be. It will be perfect to hang on the wall this Spring and Summer!003

I also started the All In A Row project by making this row:011006007This is the row in the book and here is my version ( all quilted and everything, OF COURSE!!)It even looks cute from the back!

This is the row I will be making next:009

Isn’t it the cutest?? I just love that Scottie Dog! My colors will be a bit less bright because I’m sticking with the colors I chose last week, but I think it will be adorable anyway!

And finally, I got to do a little more stitching on the project from Patchwork loves Embroidery.It is almost finished and I am really loving it. The version in the book is all one color, which is really pretty, but I wanted to make it a little differently.

I still don’t know what it will be turned into, but that’s okay. I am sure an idea will come to me!

Until next time!

In the nick of time

I didn’t think I would have  ANYTHING new to share this week…

The week started out fine. I had all kinds of BIG plans to work on all kinds of wonderful projects and have loads of new pictures to share. And then winter hit. Again. This time it sent the boys home early on Tuesday due to the impending snowstorm, and then kept them home on Wednesday because of all the snow! (We took advantage and went sledding, but it didn’t allow for much “creative”time :0). Add to that one boy sick at home for the rest of the week; grocery shopping that had to get done; and a vet appointment, and that pretty much sums up how I spent my week. Luckily this afternoon I was able to sneak in a few wonderful hours creating “stuff” and it was heavenly! I finished the pincushion that was a special request:I even added some antique buttons! I love the sweet colors and am happy with how it turned out. I might just have to make another one just for me to keep!003

I also got a chance to catch up on my BLOOM sew-along blocks. I had not made blocks 3 or 4 yet, and block number 5 is coming out on Monday so I was glad to get those finished. They still need to be quilted, but at least I’m close to done!


Then I decided to pull fabrics for the All in a Row quilt that I would like to start. Martingale has been posting all kinds of wonderful pictures on Facebook and I am itching to start a row myself. I think I am going to use these fabrics here, but some more might sneak in, you never know!

Finally I made a cute little whale out of wool that will become a Valentine. I love how he turned out! I might have to make some more and make a whole pod of whales!004( In case you are wondering WHY I would make a WHALE for Valentine’s Day, the sentiment will be” Whale you be my Valentine?”….cute, isn’t it?!~ well, I thought it was hilarious!)All in all a pretty darn productive afternoon, even if I do say so myself!

I forgot that I did actually get to do a little bit of stitching at night this past week. This is out of this book by Gail Pan.005 I am not sure what I will turn it into. For now I will just worry about finishing it! The stitches are not the greatest, I guess I was not “in the groove”, but I think it will look just fine once it’s incorporated into something :).

As I was leaving my room late this afternoon and noticing the great BIG MESS I was leaving behind, I was happy to be reminded of something very important by this sign that I painted on the wall a few years back:007So there!

Until next time!




Last weekend we were hit by a major snowstorm. I think we got 25 inches…not quite a record, but pretty close! I think that was the first real snow of winter for us, and because we got so much, it really threw everyone for a loop. People were pretty much housebound on Saturday, and then on Sunday brave souls started to venture out to try and dig out cars, driveways, and the likes. School was closed for the first two days of the week…and delayed for the third. There was just so much snow, and not enough people/equipment/time to remove it to make getting to school possible. Our boys finally had their first FULL day of school on Thursday. With a scheduled early dismissal on Friday,  they ended up having a total of about 2 days of school this week. They enjoyed it very much of course! I enjoyed having them home too, but it did mean getting absolutely NOTHING done….no cleaning, no shopping, no blogging, no stitching…. So on Thursday I finally got to catch up on all my usual chores. By Friday morning I was pretty much caught up, so decided to treat myself with a trip to my local Joann’s fabric and craft store ( I had coupons that were about to expire~couldn’t let that happen!) and came home with some rotary cutter blades, NO FABRIC ( proud of me!), and a lovely new book that I had seen seeing popping up on Facebook here and there. It is called All in a Row published by That Patchwork Place.008


Doesn’t it look yummy? The patterns are all rows designed by various Moda designers, and you can mix and match as you wish. I think there is even a sew-along starting early February. Can’t wait to start a project from this book!

And speaking of sew-alongs, I am doing a BLOOM sew-along with Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet , and did manage to make block number 2 this past week. I of course quilted mine right away so I will be ready to just simply sew my blocks together when they are all done, add a backing, and voila, another quilt finished! ( See my post on Quilt As You Go here)

She posts a new block on her blog every Monday and they are so cute! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should.

I also showed you Gail Pan‘s book Patchwork loves embroidery last time, and how I got started on a pincushion project. I just love having some stitching to work on at night while we sit and watch TV. Well, I finally got to finish those yesterday, and am very happy with the result!003

Aren’t they just darling? Really too pretty to use for pincushions, if you ask me! Maybe if I got some really pretty pins, and stuck them in very strategically, I could PRETEND that they are functional?!

Now, what project shall I start next? What projects are you working on? I would love for you to share!

Until next time!





a snowy day

Here in the Northeastern United States we had a HUGE snowstorm on Saturday! It snowed and snowed,  and then snowed some more. There was a travel ban in effect and that forced everyone to just hang out at home. Luckily we didn’t lose power so it was a cozy day to be holed up inside. At one point the family did head out to start the snow shoveling, and good thing that they did because it was DEEP!

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunny weather and snow as far as the eye could see! We didn’t break a record,  but did have a decent amount of snow at 25 inches. The family headed out several times to try and dig out the end of the driveway ( and a car!).

This is what our railing looked like by the end of the day….all kinds of pants trying to dry out.

Normally I would have been out there playing ~I mean working~ in the snow, but I am fighting this nasty sinus infection and thought it was better to stay in. Seeing as everyone else was occupied outside, I made myself useful inside and tidied up my quilt room. As soon as that was done I had the urge to mess it up again so made an adorable pillowcase for daughter’s birthday.013

I used the “hot dog” method ( just Google it) and it makes for such an easy and nicely finished pillowcase….love it!

Then I needed another project, so I searched through my many, MANY quilt books and decided to make a project from this book:009

I love combining quilting with embroidery! Gail Pan came out with this lovely book by That Patchwork Place that has all kinds of projects that combine the two. I opted to go for the pincushions. They are nice and small and won’t take me away from other projects that will be distracting me before too long….

So now I’m sitting by my cozy fireplace working away on the first one…we have already learned that school will be closed tomorrow so that promises another day for some playing in the snow and some more stitching!

P.s. I was told that it would be a good idea to always post blogs on the same days….I would rather just post a blog when I actually have something to share, so if you want to make sure you receive my posts, just sign up to receive a notice by email ( on the right hand side, just scroll down!)