Why is it that time seems to pass so quickly in November and December? Just when I know we all need time to move very s l o w l y, it seems to fly past! Anyway, things have been super hectic around here ( we finally SOLD our house~ YAHOO!!) so I have only had a chance to wave “hello” to my quilt room this past week…no visiting allowed :(. Continue reading

Is it really here?

Hello again,

I think Spring may have finally come to Lancaster….but, shhhh, I don’t want to scare it off… 🙂

This winter has been so incredibly long, and every time that we had a glimpse of nicer weather, it would turn cold and yucky again. I know that everyone in the Northeast was suffering from this extremely bizarre weather, but let’s hope that we can truly enjoy some nicer weather now ( it is May after all!). Although I still have a few stubborn ( or are they smart??) bushes and trees that are resisting budding out,  my daffodils and tulips are beautiful, my crabapple trees are filled with blossom buds, and my Viburnum is just about to look and smell amazing! ( Do you have a Viburnum bush? There are so easy to grow here, and for about 2 weeks every Spring they are filled with the pinkest blossoms and smell just heavenly~ I highly recommend planting some where you can enjoy their scent!)

Our yard has been a haven for all kinds of wildlife too..the birds are very busy nesting and I love watching all that “traffic” in the morning while I enjoy my cup  of tea. Mama bunny decided that our big wine barrel flower pot would be a great place to have her litter and this morning I spotted some little brown furry ears peeking out of the grass and fur. I did decide to plant some pansies in there a few weeks back, but had my suspicions that there was a nest so planted very carefully around the outside!

Last week we closed on our new house and we are now the proud ( or is that crazy?) homeowners of 2 homes. new homeHopefully our current house sells soon and then we can relax a bit. An hour after we closed on our new house, I had taken down the matchy curtains and we had started removing wallpaper! patient hubby steaming wallpaperDo you know that if you are really determined ( and you are lucky and the wallpaper is strippable 😉 ) you can clear an entire room in 10 minutes? I did just that in the family room that was so dark and depressing:

Looks so much better already, and just wait until I get my hands on that fireplace brick ( insert an evil snicker here~ bwahaahaa). Obviously lots to keep us busy these next few months, but it is exciting to dream about all the colors I want to paint the rooms and the new flooring I want to install, and all that other fun decorating stuff. Just imagine how different it will look with some pretty quilts hung on the walls and hung over the back of chairs!

Okay, now unto quilty business, if you are still with me after all that home reno talk ;).

I am continuing to work on my big Churn Dash quilt with a big ( or utility ) stitch. I gave up on using a hoop. Sometimes hoops and I don’t get along and then I enjoy quilting more without one. I do always baste my quilts so there is no issue with the layers shifting.

I think I will just bind this baby when it’s done, no messing with borders, and then I can enjoy it…perfect colors for summer in my opinion! ( By the way, this pattern came out of a Camille Roskelley book and the fabric is mostly Fig Tree~ two of my favorite designers combined in one quilt!)

I treated myself to a new quilt book as well:Stash Statement by Kelly Young, published by MartingaleI am looking forward to using some more of my scraps and am hoping that the ideas in this book will be a great inspiration. Have you tried just mindlessly sewing scraps together? It is really fun and very relaxing and I highly recommend it! As a matter of fact, last year I designed this scrappy Piggy quilt where I used that method (you can find the tutorial and pattern for that quilt by going here )

piggy quilt
piggy quilt

And finally, in my Facebook group ( click here to join), we finished April’s challenge of the embroidered stamped images. Below are some of the beautiful creations that people came up with.

I think everyone had a lot of fun with this idea! And it’s always nice when you can cross-purpose your crafty supplies. Next week I will share what I did with one of my girlies ;).  On Saturday I will be revealing the challenge for May…it is going to be another fun one so make sure to visit my page on that day!

Until next time~Happy creating!