Lazy summer days

Hello again,

Our family is slowly settling into a summer routine.

I love Hollyhocks!

The temperatures have been very hot these past few days ( after a quite chilly start to June!) and I have been holed up either in the air conditioned house, or by the pool. There have been playdates, and trips to the library, chauffeuring kids to work when necessary, plus all the other usual every day kind of stuff, so needless to say there has NOT been a lot of creative time around here. Continue reading

Time for another block and 2 prize give-aways!

Hello there and happy Monday!

It is time once again for Maggie’s First Dance, the free sew-along from Jacquelynne Steves. This month we are working on block number 2! Have you got your directions all  printed out and are you ready to go?  Okay then 🙂

As many of you already know, I opted to make my version of Maggie’s quilt using  wool applique. Why? Because I love working with wool and it allows me to stitch by hand while I keep my family company at night, instead of being secluded in my quilt room. Luckily I had just the right choices of wool to make the appliques so there was no cheating on the fabric diet!

Here are some pictures of the block in progress….

and more….

And here it is all finished!003You may notice that I reversed the flying geese blocks next to the hourglass blocks. I did that on purpose to make my block look more “star-like”. I also incorporated a few other colors this time because I wanted to give my quilt a cohesive, but more scrappy look. (Also, I am less likely to run out of fabric if I incorporate a bit more choices…fabric diets can be challenging  🙂 !)

Here are block number 2 and 1:004I like them! They go together, but they don’t match and I like that look!

Have fun with your block and please make sure to share pictures! It has been so much fun seeing all the variety of colors and fabrics. Remember that you can share your block ( and admire other people’s blocks!) here, here, or here.

And now for the prize give-away this month….this prize package is sponsored by Thermoweb *Sorry, this contest is now CLOSED*


Woohoo, what a nice prize give-away! I was the lucky recipient of a can of basting spray and am planning on using it when putting this quilt together. I have never used basting spray before, but have read good reviews about it. I use Heat n Bond adhesive all the time and actually buy it 2 rolls at a time, just to make sure I don’t run out! Now for the details of this give-away:

  1. This contest is open to continental US participants only!  ( that is due to the fact that the prize includes aerosol which HAS to be shipped by ground, but no worries, details about a prize give away for all you other folks are coming up!)
  2. Leave me a comment telling me a color you LOVE and a color you LOATHE using in your quilt projects.
  3. Please make sure to include your email address because if I choose you and can’t contact you, I will have to choose a different winner!
  4. Contest deadline is July 11, 2016 at 11:59 EDT, at which time I will randomly pick a winner from all eligible entries.

I will announce the winner right here on my blog sometime after July 16th, but will contact the winner by email also.

Now for the other prize give-away…this one is OPEN to EVERYONE!  Michele over at Quilting Gallery is giving away 4 copies of this pattern:fe5cc5fa-2f49-41be-bbd7-4b27e680d403To enter just go to Michele’s website and follow the directions there.

Make sure to visit all the other bloggers as well for more chances to win AND to see their versions of Block number 2:

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Good luck everyone and have fun!



Exciting news!

f622ec11-8248-41f3-8d62-4081a70f8391Hello again,

It hasn’t been all that long since I published my last post but I am so excited to share with you that I will be a featured blogger in an upcoming Block of the Month program! I am so excited and have been busy planning my colors and materials I want to use. I hope that all of you will join in the fun too! You can sign up here and you can follow along on facebook too, once it all gets started ( we won’t start until June so there is plenty of time).

The best part about it is that it is all completely FREE! If you have never done a sew-along, they are so much fun! You can share photos of your work and you will get to see other people’s work, plus the different guest bloggers will show you their versions of the blocks too. What I like about this quilt is that you can choose whether you want to just piece, piece and applique, or piece and embroider the different blocks, so you can make it fit you and your wants/ needs/ desires/skill levels…

Well, I’m off to work on my blocks now so that they are ready for you when  the time comes….go on, sign up, you know you want to!

Until next time!

fabric shopping with someone famous

Okay, I admit it. I broke my New Year’s resolution to NOT buy any new fabric this year….

But everybody will understand WHY I had to break it. I mean, when someone famous in the quilting world INVITES you to go shopping for fabric with them you CANNOT say “no”. Well, I couldn’t anyway 🙂

Up until last week I had been doing so well….had not bought an inch of fabric. Had been using my stash to start a new project, AND had even finished a couple of unfinished, forgotten, lonely projects. And then I got a message that went something like this: “Hey, I’m going shopping for fabric next week, want to come?” ( In reality I had actually told this person that if they ever were shopping in our neck of the woods that I would volunteer to be their shopping buddy. Shameless,  I know.) But anyhow, she contacted me and when the date turned out to be on my birthday too I could not say NO?! That would have been impolite. And besides, my very supportive ( enabler) friends and family were telling me that of course I had to go because I’m polite and because no one has to follow a diet ( in my case a fabric diet) on their birthday! So I said yes. And it was great. I felt like I had known her for years because I follow her on FB and get her e-magazine, and have participated in some of her sew-alongs, and own a bunch of her fabric. I think she thought I was funny because I was excited about being out shopping for fabric with somebody famous! I don’t care….I WAS excited, I had a FABULOUS time, and I don’t even feel that GUILTY over breaking my resolution. But now I am back on the wagon….I swear…no more fabric purchases for the rest of the year…I mean it….(well unless somebody else famous calls me and invites me….Carrie Nelson…Eleanor Burns….Ricky Tims….I’m really not picky….)001


These were some of the lovely fabrics I picked up at Zook’s Fabric Store, in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.


Recognize this lady? That is Jacquelynne Steves, also known as The Noble Wife. You can find out more about her at

That lovely store is The Old Country Store in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. They have a great selection of fabrics AND a great online store as well.