Some quilty projects to share

Hello friends,

Well, summer has come to an end, and so has our stream of visitors. Did I tell you that we hosted 10 different guests this summer? A little crazy, although it was super fun and I loved seeing 3 of my cousins for the first time in 37 years! It was fun to discover that we definitely have some of the same traits (a terrible sense of direction and stubbornness being two of them), and it doesn’t matter that we are separated by an ocean!

Our latest guest was my cousin from England, whom I introduced to quilting a few years back, so we naturally had to include some quilting into her visit! First I took her to the wonderful re-use shop that I have shared about before. They happened to be having a “sale”, except the sale this week was to fill up a grocery bag and take it for FREE. Woohoo, I love those kinds of deals! We had a great time going through all the items and came home with all kinds of treasures! ( This photo shows our “haul”, which combined free and paid items 😉 )

My cousin found a cute pattern block in one of my quilt books and I thought it might be fun for both of us to make the pattern but put our own spin on it!



We both dislike hand appliqué so used fusible web instead ( this explains the reversed pattern!) and had fun adding our own little touches. Here are the 2 quilts we ended up with:


Both of us outlined our shapes with black machine stitching, and then added little hand quilted details using my favorite Sulky thread. Of course buttons were a MUST too.



And then, for the first time ever, I decided to sew on my binding entirely by machine! ( time crunch issues 😉 ). Oh my goodness, I have to tell you that this was so fast and easy! This will probably not be the last time I do the  binding entirely by machine!



The way that I did my binding was to make a 2 1/2 inch binding strip in the usual method, sewed it to the front as usual, and then folded the binding to the back and stitched ON THE FRONT, right inside the edge. I thought this would

  1. look cute, and
  2. ensure that the binding was caught on the bottom.

I just sewed slowly and kept checking that my binding was in the correct position. At one point I had to tie off my thread, remove my quilt, and fold the binding back into the correct spot because it had wandered off course a bit, but then I just started up again where I left off and continued. If you have never tried doing binding this way, I encourage you to try it! The only thing that is not as nice doing it by machine is that the corners are a little more rounded than when done by hand, but if it’s done by machine on a bed or baby quilt where that won’t be obvious anyway I think it’s a great method! Let me know if you would like a tutorial and I would be happy to do one.

A few other projects that I managed to finish these past few weeks was this baby quilt for  a baby that arrived on Thursday



…and a card for my cousin, who just bought his first home. This is not technically a quilt, but I DID stitch the paper pieces so I’m counting it ;).

I hope you all enjoy this last long weekend of summer….it is supposed to be a beautiful one and we are going to take advantage!

Until next time~happy creating!



A new adventure

Hello again! ( I have to tell you quite honestly that writing 2 blog posts per week is hard! I am glad that we are down to one again from now on ;)….although I do hope you had fun with the Sweet Little Spring Sew-Along! IMG_5256

Anyway, this Saturday’s post was going to be on a completely different topic…..but now you’ll get to read about that next week….this week I am going to tell you about my little happy adventure…but first I will have to explain the backstory: Continue reading

Quilting and Baking~a perfect combination

Hello there!

This past week I took a little trip to some of our local quilt stores…we live in the heart of Amish country so we have  quite a few to choose from :).
An Amish buggy

Lucky for me, my husband likes coming along as we toodle through the countryside. And he is SMART…he brings a BOOK so he has something to do while I browse! The quilt shops are smart too..they provide seating for all those poor husbands that are tagging along~hahaskeleton-waiting image by Pinsdaddy( Luckily I NEVER take this long!)

Anyway, I always like to check out the sales and see if there is anything new that MUST come home with me. I was super excited that one store had  20% off  everything in their store because I have been on a mission to find some toweling fabric for a good price….TADAAAAA!

A lucky find on toweling fabric!

Mission accomplished 🙂

I also added a few fabrics to my growing pile to make Jacquelynne’s new Block of the Month. I am liking what I have so far! my fabric stash for the new BOM

At the next store, I picked up this cute little pattern . Bullseye Pattern by kati cupcakeI am soooo guilty of judging a quilt on colors alone, and the colors in this one completely convinced me I HAD to have it.

I also picked up a Cake Mix Recipe pad. Are you familiar with these? I had seen some ads in magazines, and seen them in a few stores, but I really didn’t know much about them. Peeking inside wasn’t possible, so I picked out one with blocks that appealed to me and brought it home. ( For under 10 bucks I figured if I didn’t like it, it wasn’t a whole lot of money wasted!) Cake Mix Recipe pad

So here is the scoop on the Cake Mix Recipe pads….on the inside you will find “recipe cards”. My pad ( recipe mix #5) contains 44, but others might have more or less. These are all the SAME recipe cards.  Each “recipe”  pad requires a layer cake ( 10 inch squares) of a printed fabric, and a layer cake of plain fabric. I bought a pretty layer cake, but you can certainly cut your own 10 inch squares. In fact, that is how I decided to do my solids.( I don’t understand why anyone spends all that money on the solid one-colored stacks!)

You layer your fabrics right side together, and then you pin one of your recipe cards on top. You don’t need too many pins, just enough to keep the layers from shifting.

Then you sew on the dotted lines…easy-peasy…just follow the arrows. You will want to reduce your stitch length by quite a bit! My first recipe blocks came apart when I tried to remove the paper, so really reduce those stitches!

After you stitch, remove the pins, and trim your pieces on the solid lines.

Remove the paper ( I found this was easier to do when I folded the paper first on the stitch line, from both sides.

Tear carefully at the start and end, because your stitches might like to come undone! Once the paper is removed, you press your blocks, and trim them up, if necessary.

(  I still had a few pieces to sew together, but they were easy and straightforward!)  In my case, one recipe card made 2 blocks. IMG_2972Repeat this process a few times with various fabrics and now you have all your components for your blocks and you can start playing around with them.IMG_2973

There are SO many choices for layouts! I know it took me way longer to decide what I wanted my blocks to look like, than it took for me to sew the pieces!

I think I have decided on a layout, but I might change my mind again….

Anyway, the bottom line is that it’s accurate and fast ( especially when you don’t have to cut your fabric) and you can have a ton of blocks made in no time. I wish there were a bit more detailed instructions on the pad, especially about easy removal of the paper, but I figured it out. There is a web address on the pad, but the day I tried the link was broken. If you go to the Moda bakeshop website they do show you a few varieties of quilts you can make, but none for my recipe block (#5). For under 10 bucks I say give it a try…it is something fun and new and quick….and besides, it gives you an excuse to pick up some new fabric, right?!

Until next time, happy creating!


P.S. I love hearing from you, so won’t you please leave a comment? I try and respond to every one of them!

P.P.S. All this talk about cake mixes made me hungry so I decided to hunt down one of my favorite recipes. It came out this book, called Daily Desserts and was compiled by Jane Quinn who ran the quilt store  Quilting in the Country where I took a number of beginner quilting classes.511bb4425d5f4_pic1.jpgThe recipe is called Cream Puff Dessert and it’s a keeper!! ( By the way, I highly recommend this  book~ I don’t think there is a recipe in there that isn’t delicious! While you’re shopping, pick up the Salad Sampler book also~ might even be better than the dessert book and I LOVE desserts ( just saying).)

Cream Puff Dessert

  • Cream Puff dough ( enough to fill a 9 by 13 inch pan)
  • 2 small packages of instant vanilla pudding
  • 3 Cups milk
  • 2 cups whipped topping
  • Chocolate syrup
  1. Use your favorite recipe to make enough cream puff dough to spread on bottom of greased 9 by 13 inch pan. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 375* Fahrenheit, or until brown.
  2. When dough has cooled, prepare pudding with 3 cups of milk.
  3. Spread on top of cream puff crust and top with 2 cups of whipped topping.
  4. Refrigerate and drizzle chocolate syrup over top when ready to serve.cream puff dessert ( image from Real Life Dinner)YUMMMMM!!!