Time flies when you are having fun!

Hello again!

This week has flown by! ( As a matter of fact, where did February go?? I cannot believe it is almost March!) The weather was absolutely glorious here on the weekend…warm-ish, and sunny and lovely. You could definitely tell Spring was on its way. And then everything went downhill after that…..rain, cold , wind, wet snow…..sigh. I guess I will just have to wait a wee bit longer for that nice weather! In the meantime I did get to enjoy a pretty sunshine-y bouquet of flowers!004

I also got to work on a few fun projects! As you know I am participating in the BLOOM sew-along by Lori Holt. Every Monday she posts a new block with instructions on how to complete it. So far I have been able to keep up. I was a little behind last week, but this week was Johnny-on-the-spot and got it pieced and quilted right away.002This is going to be one wild and crazy-colorful quilt, but I think it will be very cute!

I also worked on the row quilt that Martingale is putting on. I completed the Scottie Dog row and then could not resist starting the Wash Day row! Neither one of them is quilted yet, but that might have to wait until some evening or the weekend.

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Aren’t they the cutest? I am totally in love with these rows! I think next I’m going to piece some of the “connecting” rows, because I might just get lazy and leave those out completely at the end if all my other rows are done. And I think the quilt will look even better with those connecting rows!

Remember this little quilt that I completed a few weeks ago and was trying to quilt and hang BEFORE Valentine’s Day?001Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. It is still sitting in my room patiently waiting for me to finish it. BUT, the great thing is that I just signed up for a Craftsy class on machine-quilting with your walking-foot. So far I have watched 3 lessons and they have been super informative! I can’t wait to learn more so I can apply all I learned to this little quilt. So it will be sitting a little longer, but I think the wait will be worth it. 🙂

This past week I did a little bit of shopping and came home with NO FABRIC ( yeah, me!) and two adorable books.

I had been having so much fun working on my stitchery that when I spotted this book I couldn’t resist! ( See that adorable mermaid? And that toadstool? And that gnome??). Come on….I HAD to buy it! The quilt label book I am hoping will encourage me to actually put labels on my completed quilts! I am very, very terrible about doing that! ( Unless it is a gift for someone). Seeing as these are iron-on I should have no more excuses. And finally, I found this cute little sign at a little shop nearby and just had to buy it to hang in my room.008Oh yes, absolutely true!

Until next time, happy creating!



In the nick of time

I didn’t think I would have ANYTHING new to share this week…

The week started out fine. I had all kinds of BIG plans to work on all kinds of wonderful projects and have loads of new pictures to share. And then winter hit. Again. This time it sent the boys home early on Tuesday due to the impending snowstorm, and then kept them home on Wednesday because of all the snow! (We took advantage and went sledding, but it didn’t allow for much “creative”time :0). Add to that one boy sick at home for the rest of the week; grocery shopping that had to get done; and a vet appointment, and that pretty much sums up how I spent my week. Luckily this afternoon I was able to sneak in a few wonderful hours creating “stuff” and it was heavenly! I finished the pincushion that was a special request:I even added some antique buttons! I love the sweet colors and am happy with how it turned out. I might just have to make another one just for me to keep!003

I also got a chance to catch up on my BLOOM sew-along blocks. I had not made blocks 3 or 4 yet, and block number 5 is coming out on Monday so I was glad to get those finished. They still need to be quilted, but at least I’m close to done!


Then I decided to pull fabrics for the All in a Row quilt that I would like to start. Martingale has been posting all kinds of wonderful pictures on Facebook and I am itching to start a row myself. I think I am going to use these fabrics here, but some more might sneak in, you never know!

Finally I made a cute little whale out of wool that will become a Valentine. I love how he turned out! I might have to make some more and make a whole pod of whales!004( In case you are wondering WHY I would make a WHALE for Valentine’s Day, the sentiment will be” Whale you be my Valentine?”….cute, isn’t it?!~ well, I thought it was hilarious!)All in all a pretty darn productive afternoon, even if I do say so myself!

I forgot that I did actually get to do a little bit of stitching at night this past week. This is out of this book by Gail Pan.005 I am not sure what I will turn it into. For now I will just worry about finishing it! The stitches are not the greatest, I guess I was not “in the groove”, but I think it will look just fine once it’s incorporated into something :).

As I was leaving my room late this afternoon and noticing the great BIG MESS I was leaving behind, I was happy to be reminded of something very important by this sign that I painted on the wall a few years back:007So there!

Until next time!



A little bit of stitching

I got a chance to do a little bit of stitching this weekend.004

Remember that cute little quilt that I found in Quiltmaker magazine? I just had to make that one! All those sweet little log cabin blocks in all those scrappy colors just spoke to me…

Here is the version from the magazine….008


And here are some pictures of my work in progress…..

And here is MY final product!002I am sooo happy with the final result! I changed up the center pattern a little bit, and decided to add teeny log cabins as cornerstones. My log cabin blocks are a little wonky, but I LOVE it! It is cheery and bright and I loved working on it.

So you would think that if I made this entire quilt pretty much out of scraps ( except for the light blue dot that came out of my stash) that my scrap box would look pretty empty by now….002How is that POSSIBLE?? It looks even more full than before! I think I could easily make 5 or 6 more scrappy quilts and maybe then it would look empty….

Alright, I am off to quilt this little cutie now….by machine. All those little seams would be very difficult to quilt through by hand. I am hoping to have it done before Valentine’s Day so it can hang on our wall and add some nice, bright color. I did go around our house this past week and pulled out the best “red/heart”quilts I could find:

Not too bad. This new little quilt doesn’t have any hearts, but I think it will do! Hmmm, maybe I could make a little scrappy heart / log cabin quilt to add to the mix….

And finally, I would like to leave you with this thought, which is on a plaque that graces my sewing room:009


Yep, I totally agree!

Until next time!