Festive banner


This festive banner is soooo easy to make ( plus it costs very little!) .

Here is what you will need:

  • pages from an old book
  • a roll of twine
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • markers, paint, stickers, or whatever you want to use to make your letters
  • ruler
  • (optional) stapler
  1. Tear out the number of pages that you need to spell out your words, plus extra’s for spacing and goof-ups 🙂
  2. Trim the rough edge ( if you want to) and fold the paper up from the bottom towards the 2/3 mark roughly. ( I folded mine up 3 inches from the bottom)
  3. Now fold your papers in half along the long edge.IMG_2532.JPG4. Cut from the outer bottom edges towards the folded line to get your banner shape. Do this for all your pages.

    5. Now it’s time to add the letters of the word(s) you want to spell. You can use markers, paints, stickers, whatever you like, but be sure they are BIG enough to be seen! On my “spacer” pages, I cut out a heart, because I thought that would be cute. You can do any motif, or leave that page blank.

    6. Lay your letters out in order and start gluing the pages to your twine by folding a little edge at the top over and putting glue all over. Then fold and press for a bit. ( You might want to add a staple right in the middle to ensure the page won’t come loose!)

    7. Continue to do this with all your pages, and voila, a beautiful, festive banner that will add cheer wherever it is hung!