Day One

007I figured today ( New Year’s Day) would be an easy day to not get tempted into buying new fabric…every fabric store is closed! Easy-peasy….until I checked my favorite blogs and Facebook! So MANY ads for fabric sales, so many reminders from stores that they are “open” online, and even a t-shirt that said “I find your lack of fabric disturbing”!  I am being taunted! One person in my family even dared to ask where the “betting” button was as to  how long I would be able to keep up this “no-fabric-resolution”! Well, I am happy to say that I have not bought a single inch of fabric and have actually started a cute little project using my scraps. I don’t know yet what it will become, could be a little table topper, or maybe I will get ambitious and make a lap-sized quilt, but I’m liking the blocks so far. Might even have to throw in a few appliqued toadstool blocks!